Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 22 - finally really me

Well Mum,

It took a long time for the camera crews to pack up and everyone else to leave.

Rachel and I kept each other entertained until they were gone.  It was a difficult job but someone had to do it.

Finally after ages of living with women and never having company for this big bed, I get to share it.  After we indulged in woohoo, we slept together.

And had some very sweet dreams.

Rachel went to get a job in science.  I managed to meet new people.

And hook up with some of my challenge friends. AJ and I toured City Hall including a special session in the judges chamber.

Ripley and I got better acquainted.

We toured the backstage of the theatre.

We had so much fun the first time that we did it again.

Security found us this second time and threw us out.  Could have at least waited for us to find our clothes first though.

Before the crews left, they put back the stove and fridge so we have a proper kitchen now.

Ok, so I did play around today but I'm very happy to come home to Rachel.  I can hardly wait until we have a bit of fun in bed again.  But there was one last important thing to take care of.

Rory Upyrs dared to turn up to our place.  I argued with him.

I insulted him for all those times he insulted me.

I gave him a "look".

Told him how full of himself he was.

Slapped him and finally.

We got into an epic fight.

Who's the man now, you dud voice-over Upyours?

I think he may have gotten the point.

Or at least a sufficient arse whomping that he'll think twice before bothering us again.

What a vision to go to sleep seeing.  Mum, I am a very lucky Sim.

I've asked Rachel to go steady.  She agreed instantly but had to leave for work.

So I headed to the park.  Saw Kacyn and AJ.  Kacyn doesn't look as great in her work clothes but I'm still fond of her.  AJ left suddenly for a toilet and said she might have news for me.

Rachel also hasn't been feeling too well today.  I haven't spoken to Ripley but I'm worried that she might have the same problem.  I don't know what's going on with the three of them.

Our prize included about 160,000 plus the house we lived in.  So Rachel and I are rich, with a lovely house.  I need to build up Charisma - I want to make lots of friends.  Rachel is going to need to garden and fish.  But we have a very bright future.


  1. Oh Sammy, what am I to do with you? Rachel, AJ and Ripley. Boy do you have a surprise coming. Should I say two or three of them?
    It's so funny when they come out from those "tours" wearing their blurs.
    LOL, I think that security guard didn't let you find your clothes because he was jealous.

    Oh yeah, Rory finally got his. That makes me sooooo happy. :D At the same time, looking at him, one could almost feel sorry for him. I mean, just look at him. He has to have had a miserable life. :) I'm still glad you gave him that whomping/whumping though. He deserved it. He's been asking for it.

    I hope Rachel doesn't find out about AJ and Ripley.
    You got a good one there Sammy, be good now and don't lose her.
    I don't have to tell her she has a good one. She already knows that.

  2. Ripley seemed darn happy after that first tour. No wonder she wanted seconds!

    You know, Rory isn't all bad. I caught him at the park in my game swinging away. Ollie even gave him a push or two. But, he was mighty rough on Sammy and Sam needed to make a point. I don't think Rory will be mouthing off to Mr. Grant anytime soon.

    Rachel and Sam are so cute when they're dreaming about each other. We know how well they do together so they'll have a happy life indeed.


  3. :) With the No Jealousy reward, Rachel really wouldn't mind if he plays around. In the previous episode, AJ is on the phone with Rachel and Sam clearly kissing in the background. AJ does love Sam but the kiss doesn't worry her at all.

    I did love the fact that they happened to dream about each other at the same moment. Fortunately caught it too.

    Sam only fought with Rory for the storyline. What he really wanted to do was ask Rory about his career. :) Now if I play again, I know Sam isn't going to get along with Rory.

  4. LOL. Today a sim flirted with Simon and her boyfriend was right there. He just walked away, sat down and ate a burger as if nothing had happened.

    Guess with no jealousy, they have those "open relationships".

    You never know about Sammy and Rory, heck they could end u being firends. Unless they are nemesis.

  5. That is they could end up being friends.

  6. :) I don't plan on continuing on here. We have our answer of who Sammy would prefer as a spouse, though for completeness sake I should try Rachel vs Thomas sometime. Didn't want to do that this time, Thomas was too outnumbered. :)

    Might have and grow the babies up. Though we have seen a lot of Sam/Rachel ones.

  7. LOL, it took a second for that one to sink in.

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  9. Hi PiB!
    Lol @ Sammy, what he did with those women? I seriously don't know what to think of him. Luckily, he did those before he went steady with Rachel, or else, Rachel might chop him into pieces :D, Lol, but then again I had a sim once who still had romantic wishes for his ex even though he has already married and his relationship with the ex was really bad.

  10. Hey MJ, the women had a great time with Sam, they didn't mind a bit. Nor does Rachel mind, she knows Sam loved several of the girls from the house.

    They might all mind that Sam just had fertility treatment so the odds of twins for everyone just went up a lot.

  11. Nice, PiB! Walkies with the pups!

    I don't use my facebook account often but I sent you a friend request.

  12. Well, hello there, Piblynn. :)Nice pic. Poor guy with his buckethead. Do you live near the ocean?

  13. :) I deleted the post with the addie, those who matter got the email.

    We do live near the ocean. Off in the distance you can see palm trees and just a hint of water. We live a bit further away, down the road but it's only 5 minutes walking to get there. :)

  14. Years ago, I lived near Myrtle Beach for about a year. Loved the ocean but hated the traffic. It was never as peaceful as that pic I saw of you. The traffic never slowed down since it's a tourist spot.

  15. Our suburb is on the edge of town and there is only one road up or back. We don't get much extra traffic during the week, on the weekend you get some people headed to the park or the boat ramp. We have plenty of beaches around town and this one is 'crowded' if you see 3 or more other people on at the same time.


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