Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy holidays

Have a great Christmas day and holiday season.


  1. Beautiful screenshot PiB. I couldn't help but laugh though. Sammy doesn't look exactly thrilled to be dressed up as Santa.
    Love you Sammy. :)

    Merry christmas to you too.

  2. lol!! Yeah. Sammy looks pretty grumpy in that shot. But adorable. Tee hee.

    Very cute shot, PiB. :D Love it! Merry christmas and happy holidays back atcha. <3 Hope your Christmas holiday is a good one!!!

  3. :) Yeah, I gotta to get the debugenabler mod so I can get a particular expression. Better that then the first screenshot where it looks like Sam is punching the tree. LOL

    So Sammy is a grumpy santa. But that is our Sammy, a grumpy guy but usually good natured.

    Thanks Dee and Kaleeko.

  4. *laughing out loud* Yep, better than punching the tree.
    I can't imagine Sammy any other way. I can't speak for every one but I love him just the way he is. Grumpy and all.

  5. Heehee. Grumpy Santa Sammy is the best. But, I imagine he's only grumpy because he has to pose for a picture when he has so much work to do! And so many pretty sim ladies to visit...

    Happy Festivus!

  6. True. I mean, this Santa has to use the subway to make deliveries, no reindeer in Bridgeport. So he has a lot to do in one night. If Santa Sammy could visit each of his fans to leave a present, he certainly would.

    Speaking of pretty ladies to visit, Shannon Sprague has just married Antonio Portobella. I love it when a plan comes together.

  7. Merry Christmas!

    It's a beautiful greeting card. I admire Sammy's patience for getting a makeover by PiB as Santa :)

  8. Thanks MJ

    Compared to some of Sammy's chores, a bit of white hair and Santa clothes is a mild thing to ask for.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Merry Christmas!!! Santa Sammy looks great!!


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