Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 6)

Yep, here I am, in the kitchen making breakfast again.

I don't mind, it's not an onerous chore. I take care of the morning meal while Georgia takes care of other stuff.

This morning, it was more work on her current masterpiece. Well, I say masterpiece but we both know she needs a lot more time at the easel to really make her mark on the art world. Even the greatest master artist started as an apprentice at the start of their career.

Georgia does appreciate my cooking. Nothing like a nice hot breakfast to get your day off to a solid start. Not an early one though, we rarely get out of bed before 8 in the morning. That's not really late, I know some of the party crowd are far later starters. 

Breakfast is our quiet time together.

After breakfast, it was time for a run. The people with normal jobs are at work. The people with late night jobs are still in bed. It's a very good time for a run, not much traffic zipping by. Perhaps a little warmer than I'd like but I'll take the warmth in exchange for a longer sleep with my sweetie.

I had a call from the studio. One of the clubs was willing to pay a nice fee for a minor celebrity to dance for a few hours. They knew they couldn't afford a 4 or 5 star celeb, either those guys come on a whim or for a ton of money.

This is my kind of job. The bouncer was told to let me straight in.

Right, the club is empty now, but two star celebrity Sam Grant has been seen on their dance floor for 3 hours straight.

The club did pay a nice fee for the service. Bonus, it was a lot of fun to get my groove on. I have some new moves to show Georgia

Speaking of moves, she's been to a pool party and is suitably underdressed. For some reason, she doesn't complain that I take advantage of her.

Hey, where did she go?

It must be love. Why else would you ever see me with a sponge cleaning the shower?

Poor Georgia started gagging and ran out of the room. I've never understood the problem, a little dirt never hurt anyone. The shower was only half black.

She said "A little dirt? Any more and it will be a new life form."

I was doing really well at work, and I get along pretty well with the boss. So I decided that I'd ask her on a outing and see if she agreed that I'm a real asset at work.

I did the easy one first. I chatted her up a bit and then asked for a raise.

She had to admit that there haven't been many Personal Assistants that have made nearly the impression that I have. So she agreed to give me that raise.

Well, I had a raise but what I really wanted was a promotion. I'll probably earn it on my next day at work but who wants to wait that long?

Tiara really likes me, she barely hesitated before moving me to the Production Manager spot.

Georgia tracked down her celebrity again and this time managed to make a new friend. Georgia says Stella is a minor celeb because her husband is a pretty major star in town. I guess that makes sense, Georgia hit the papers when we started seriously dating.

As for me, I took my boss down to the diner. I've managed to work through the scandal and the diner was so thrilled to have me stop in that I had a free meal.

It is amazing how good grub becomes great grub when you don't have to pay for it.


  1. Love it as always.
    It is all great but the part about the shower just cracked me up.

  2. :) Sammy cleaning - you know he must be in love.

  3. And not wanting Georgia to run away screaming. :)

    Actually, she didn't really run but she did complain that the room was foul.

    I think with his new promotion, Sammy can finally afford house help. Maybe we'll hire our first butler.

  4. Kat just got a butler today. He's great. He even unclogs the toilet without being told to.

  5. Man, so quiet. Kaleeko is away. Chrysame is offline.

  6. Love the update.

    Tiara is very pretty. Does Georgia know? I would be worry if I was Georgia, but Sam really loves her so she doesn't have to be worried. He even cleaned the shower. Love the line of "A little dirt? Any more and it will be a new life form."
    I love the pictures too, especially when Sam did his jogging.

    Yes, it's been a bit quiet lately.

  7. Thanks MJ

    Tiara is pretty but I don't think Georgia has anything to worry about. Sam can take a while to settle down but he's always true once he does.

    I liked that line too.

    I love that new athletic outfit from Night Life. I think it really suits Sam.

  8. Quiet, no more! Kaleeko hath returned! *blows an airhorn*

    Sooooo cute. Sammy always falls head-over-heels for his gals, even the fussy-neurotic-image-obsessed ones. Georgia always seemed like a handful, but I'm glad she's found another boy that can handle her in another dimension.

    Still surprises me how much Sims are vaulted into fame just by associating with other celebrities/dating them. It kinda worries me about how families could ever drop out of celeb status (since kids are automatically celebs I guess), but, I guess we'll see how that fares when Sammy and Georgia start making babies.

    What? What did I just suggest just now? Me? No. I said noooothing. *cough points at Dee cough*

  9. Once Sam is seriously in love, I don't think he's ever looked twice at another Sim. He thinks Georgia is gorgeous and it would shock me if he started throwing romantic wants about anyone else.

    Babies? Who said nufink about no babies? They aren't even engaged...yet.

    I'm sure that babies would be celebs. Sammy is 3 star working to 4.

  10. Awww, Sammy's cleaning. It must be true love. :')

    Georgia's a lucky girl, I'd love to have a boyfriend that made breakfast for me while I painted! Or simmed, for that matter. ;)

  11. Georgia just better not get her hopes up about Sammy doing much cleaning. Mr Clean he has never been.

    Still she can rely on Sam for cooking. And romance.

  12. Image of Mr. Clean just popped into my head. Now I have this urge to create him.

    But not too much romance, don't want another scandal on our hands. :)

  13. I'll look forward to seeing Mr Clean in the near future. :)

    I'll try to keep Sammy and Georgia from living it up *too* much when they are away from home.


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