Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 10)

Mrs Grant is enjoying her home cooked breakfast. Well, it was home cooked however it's some of our leftovers. Our fridge has a ton of leftover breakfast now.

A nice peaceful morning. She has a book to study for work.

Me? I just want to read somewhere near her.

Her book reading was interrupted by the new maid.

Now Georgia has had one of those "Gosh, I'm impressed by you. Maybe we should hang around together" moments. You are the maid. Clean the place, we aren't paying you to hang out.

My first acting job. Obviously we are not working on "Nearly Naked Chef" today.

Hmm SimIron Chef, I wish I knew what this program was about. Too late now though, plunge right in.

Poor Georgia felt a little bit queasy. I hope it's nothing too serious.

SimIron Chef is a bit scary. They hand you the oddest ingredients in the history of cooking and give you 1/2 hour to make a 5 course meal. Insane. Fortunately, it's not a real cooking show and all I had to do was go through the motions. The real work was done a day or two ago.

Whatever was wrong with Georgia can't have been serious. She perked right up and went off to gym.

Such a cute outfit. Hmm, can anything make her look less then adorable?

Oh. My.

Georgia was so briefly ill that we never thought this was the cause. But she woke me with the news that I'm going to be a daddy.

In a tiny one bedroom apartment with very little spare space.

This will not do. This is not at all acceptable.

I went over to the business center to get a loan. I want a house, space for the family and we still haven't the cash to get anything of a decent size. We aren't broke however a house costs more than we have available.

My loan was 20,000. With that and our savings, we moved.

Our first house. It could use some decorating and new furniture. Still we love that there's space for a growing family, the downstairs is a little bigger than our apartment was. Then there is upstairs as well.

Nothing but the best that I can manage for the little one. We are both hoping for a little girl.

And we are both very excited.

The director had me researching a new part today. I had to spent a good part of the day at the sports dome hanging out with the team.

First things first when I got home. Talk to Georgia and the baby, then change out of my work clothes.

Note: Usually I'm terrible about babies and cribs. I'll drop cribs almost anywhere in the house. But the apartment was so tiny, Sam and Georgia would have had to sell a piece of furniture to make room for a crib. So I set up a couple of new houses. And had a pair of Sims move into this one while waiting for Georgia to show so they had a proper reason to move. Amelia and Captain Jack were kindly moved to a house well above their means so this one was available again.


  1. Heck of a dress to feel ill in, Georgia. ;) Though to be honest, Georgia looks cute in just about anything -- even the sheepy nightgown.

    I love that the maid asked for her autograph. Very cute.

    Glad that they moved into a bigger house -- from what I can see, the apartment the two were living in is the same one that Amelia is in, and while it's nice for one person, it can start getting pretty cozy with rising numbers. Luckily there's so much to do in Bridgeport, there's not much reason to stay home.

    Until now, at least! Woo, baby! I kinda hope it's a girl, too. Georgia has good genes for gals. ;) Marta-spawn always are so pretty.

    Also-- Amelia and Captain Jack, hmmm? :D

  2. Georgia really does look good in almost anything. She wears clothes very well.

    I haven't seen which apartment Amelia is in, and I haven't really looked at all the apartments in town but this one was *tiny*. Two people fine but no more than two.

    I was going to have them hire a butler but when he said he needed a bed - no way!

    It is a girl according to Twallan. :) So they are lucky. I just hope she takes after mom, Sammy girls can be less then gorgeous.

    Amelia is just roomies with Jack. She had no love interests and he's dating some townie girl. Since two of three Kanes married already, I'm not in a hurry to push her at someone.

  3. Definitely is the same apartment, from what I can tell -- though they look incredibly different, the way I have it decorated. ;D

    Hahaha... Oh, where would we be without Twallan helping us cheat.

    Having a butler would be cool. Get your house nice and big and fancy, and give him a nice little bedroom. :D Though I have a feeling Georgia and Sammy don't mind taking care of most of the house-y stuff. (Except cleaning, ha.)

  4. I believe that. Sammy doesn't do redecorate while he lives alone. No point.

    Georgia hasn't really had time to get stuck into a redesign. But the new house is a different thing. She'll love having a chance to redesign it - I have no idea how much they'll be able to afford and still make the loan repayments. Sort of like life.

    Now that they have a house and land, they can have a butler someday. But they might just start with a new maid, and wait till they know about their money supplies before they do the whole butler thing.

    Sammy is always so happy to find he'll be a daddy soon.

  5. Oh, this is so sweet. Sam is so attentive. Which is good because Georgia demands a lot of attention. If he needs a break he should steer her towards an easel.

    Georgia sure dresses fancy for leftover pancakes. I'm surprised neither Sam nor Georgia has wished for a butler, yet.

    Sam took out a loan to make sure his baby had a house. That's the good lad. A few drink promotions and a little more work and he'll have it paid off in a jiffy.

    Amelia and Captain Jack would be an interesting couple. Of course, Jack has found someone. That sim doesn't go long without companionship.

  6. I'm glad you are enjoying Sam and Georgia. She does have an easel and a guitar so she can keep herself entertained quite well.

    Never seen a wish for a butler yet. They should rehire the maid quickly, Georgia won't want to be doing chores while balloon shaped. :)

    Yep, they didn't have the cash to buy a home but they really really needed space for a baby. I've never done a Sim loan so it's a learning experience.

    Jack is always fast off the mark to find some love interest. That he didn't pick Amelia and did chose a female was slightly surprising. Amelia just isn't clicking with anyone.

  7. "You are the maid. Clean the place, we aren't paying you to hang out." I love it. :D
    Georgia looking gorgeous as always.
    congratulations to both of them and hope they get what they are wanting.
    Yep, gotta have a house once those babies start coming. :)

  8. You do have to watch the hired help. Some of them use *any* excuse to avoid their work.

    Georgia is a very pretty Sim. A bit of a handful sometimes but Sammy doesn't mind.

    I think it will be a girl. I just hope it's only one, they aren't ready for twins.

  9. I think Amelia's really the one with commitment issues. :P She doesn't really stick with anyone long in my game, either, but that's more under my control.

    Oh come now, of course you want twins! ;) *tease* I bet Georgia would be super pleased with a little girl. Sam seems to love pretty much any kid of his, but I picture Georgia being reeaally pleased about having a little gal to spoil.

  10. Last time I checked Amelia, it wasn't even commitment issues. It was more like no one even vaguely reached her standard to be a romantic interest. LOL

    Well, Sammy has well established multiple baby credentials. But I'm not sure that Georgia can cope with multiples or having that much attention diverted from her. LOL

  11. The hired help can be horrible sometimes. I have even had them sit down at the table with my sims while they were trying to have their breakfast.

  12. Yeah Dee, I've had maids that basically did nothing but eat food, watch tv and leave with the house no cleaner than when they started.


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