Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 5)

Well, Mum, you'll be pleased to know that I can make waffles without burning down the kitchen. Sometimes, it's the small things that are important in life.

Maybe I should get dressed before cooking. Nah, it's not like someone would complain about the view.

Of course, there are big things that are important too. Like the fact that Georgia has moved in. She's still a little stressed by the move.

I thought it might be a big deal; moving furniture, rearranging stuff, merging two apartments. But she just moved in with several boxes of clothes, her guitar and nothing more. We've bought her an easel so she can paint which is a favourite hobby of hers.  I've bought a portable piano so we can get in some home band practice. That was pretty much it.

We went off to tour the movie lot, I thought I should show Georgia where I worked. After we finished, I was waiting around outside because it was nearly time to go back in and earn my keep. I found a couple of people to chat to.

I found out that the family of my friend Amelia has moved to Bridgeport. Her parents and older brothers all live in a house on the other side of the river. They've really only just arrived so are doing a tour of the city.

[laugh] I think Meredith's first impression of me was less than stellar. Ah well.

We did end up hanging around and chatting quite a bit. I was late to work that day.

Amelia's brothers were hanging around the back lot. I think they had finished the studio tour and were just waiting for their Mum to be ready before exploring the city further.

I was an hour late to work but that was not too late. After working hard all afternoon, I've been promoted to personal assistant. My career is going well.

Georgia spent the day playing guitar at the park. She heard that I'd met Macy Monroe and took a picture of Macy and her new baby Dianne. Apparently she's been very friendly with her boyfriend Ben Lee. Ben has a reputation in town as the town Casanova but that doesn't seem to bother Macy.

Georgia has a car? That was a surprise. We don't have a car park, I hadn't seen it before. Where does she keep it? I've heard of infinite sized purses but this is taking it to extremes. [laugh] The woman is just full of surprises.

We drove over to the theatre, caught a show and then had fun backstage. That turned out to be a major mistake. Someone noticed and we are both in scandal city now. Everyone I know who is a celebrity is trying to avoid me, at least until the press dies down a bit. Bummer. And being recognised at the moment tends to be, well frankly, embarrassing.

Georgia is so cute. She worries about the silliest things sometimes. Like an unmade bed. She'll fuss until it's made. As long as she doesn't expect me to do it, it's all good.

She also is particularly worried about sinks. I haven't a clue why sinks bother her so but she'll check at least one of them early in the morning.

Georgia also took it into her head to repair our broken computer. No mechanical skills, no training. I wouldn't have done it. Electrical appliances can be tricky and dangerous to repair.

Surprise, it worked. She managed to fix the computer and gain some skills for the next time.

Georgia's agent recommended that she gets to be friends with a celebrity.

Yes, we checked, this one is a real agent.

What a city, even the cops can become celebrities. Stella was impressed by Georgia's guitar skills. Stella had to go to work before they became friends but at least Georgia knows her well enough to chat now.

This was one of my celebrity friends. She didn't like hearing about the scandal and she had dropped me as a friend. I went around to see if I could convince her that the scandal would blow over soon enough.

It took me a little while, but she's decided to renew our friendship. It's good for both of our celebrity ratings if we hang out from time to time.

I was in the mood to crash a party and found a chick hosting one. It wasn't the best party I ever attended, but I got a chance to catch up with Beau and Hugo and meet my hostess. I forget her name, she's the chick in bright yellow on the couch.

I also met Alicia Longshore. We had a brief chat, I found she's married to a dude called Barry.

And I've seen another vampire in town. Her name is Elvira, she's actually a big time celebrity.

I hope I get a chance to talk to her. But not just now, she is hunting, it's not comfortable to be around a hunting vampire.

Home again, the apartment isn't the fanciest in town but as long as I have someone to come home to, who cares?

Bonus pics

Thank goodness my Sims aren't the only ones who love weird outfits when they grow up. This is what Travis Kane wanted to wear. I didn't let him keep it. Honestly, that hair cut, those shoes and a pirate suit? What were you thinking Trav?

I didn't get a screenie but Bradley grew up wearing athletic gear, which is so wrong for a geek. I've set the traits of the boys to match what they are meant to grow into.

Sammy meeting Meredith was actually an accident. Sammy was standing on the movie lot and was *supposed* to go to work which was in his action queue. Georgia was playing guitar in the park. I had found Travis and Bradley and had switched to making them my active Sims to finish aging them to the right stage then giving them some clothes. While I was doing that, I heard a Sim arguing and was pretty sure it was Sam. Sure enough, Sam and Mere were staring daggers at each other and Sam was late for work. I would have been ticked if Sam had missed his promotion from ignoring his action queue.

Jeb and Mere are both in the hood. And they are both only a few days from elder. Sam only had time to say hello then he had to leave for work.

These silhouettes are Dee's Cassidy (now with the last name of Tilly) flirting with Kaleeko's Travis. Travis hasn't been an adult long but he's quick. I love the map tags from town view, I can have a peek at what Sims are up to without having to switch to them.


  1. Cook in your undies all you want to Sammy. Won't get any complaints from me. No siree.
    Ahhh, Georgia. I still love her expressions.
    Looks like Cassidy isn't wasting any time. :)
    Wow, so many familiar faces.
    Sammy looks good in those clothes. Sexxxxxy.
    I crack up sometimes when I see what the sims choose to wear. Most of them have no sense of style.

  2. Georgia might complain. I mean, what a choice to make in the morning - eat breakfast or take advantage of the under-dressed cook.

    Cassidy moved in at the same time as Georgia. So she isn't quite as fast off the start as some Sims like Ben and Macy. But she and Travis were having fun.

    I'm having fun trying styles on Sam and see which one screams hunky leading man loudest. :)

  3. Well I like that hunky leading man look.

    I like Travis and hope she and he get along well.

  4. :) I'll tell Sammy that's the one - for at least another day or two.

    Travis does have one little problem - commitment issues. And we both know that can lead to problems - though it may not dominate his personality like it does Jon Marsh.

  5. Awww... Georgia! I missed her and now that she has finally moved in with him, I can see her more!

    Love that face of her when she was worried!

    I'm not complaining to see him like that in the kitchen ;) Our Sammy seemed to enjoy his new appearance so much! I'm agree that cooking without burning the food/stove is really important in our sims life.
    Ouch, Travis what are you wearing? I'm glad that he's back again to the usual appearance as in Kaleeko's blog. The same as Travis in Kaleeko's blog, he is lvery ucky in love department. A very great and lovely update, PiB!

  6. *laughing* I don't think I've ever seen a sim that had as big a problem with commitment as Jon Marsh.

  7. Hiya MJ. You are right, Georgia will be seen frequently since she lives with Sam now.

    Poor girl, she does worry frequently. And they are both a bit moody because of the scandal of woohoo in a public place - 2 more days of that.

    I'm glad Sam usually likes cooking since he ends up doing it a lot in every clone life. The Nearly Naked Chef makes it fun for us all.

    It's good to have the Kanes as a family in this hood, even if this is yet another throw away game. I'll be interested to see if Travis decides to commit to one girl by the time Sammy is a movie star legend.

  8. :D Poor Georgia, that negative moodlet must have made her a bit stress. I love the new moodlets and the futures this new EP had offered. Even though, it's a bit annoying to see the Paparazzi outside our sim's house. I'm just glad that the appearance of those Paparazzi haven't made a new glitch to the game. I'm also very curious about the celebrities' rank.

  9. Actually, Georgia has had enough good stuff happen that her mood is way up.

    Sammy on the other hand, is being a real bear. He is not at all happy and that's when the grumpy trait really kicks in. I have to try to avoid public scandal for Sam.

    Sam and Georgia do not have paparazzi outside their house yet. Maybe when they get to 3 stars.

  10. Ouch yes, that Grumpy trait will have an affect on him.

    The new sims in Bridgeport have interesting genetics, and they are good lookers too.

  11. He's always been a grouch but it so rarely influences his behaviour. Then again, when it does kick in, it's usually at the worst possible time.

    I'm still learning the Bridgeport Sims. At least they aren't most incredibly odd looking like Twinbrook Sims are.

  12. Yes, I rarely see him being grouchy, especially with his loved ones. I wish my grouchy sims are like him. My grumpy sims always hurt their partner's feelings.

  13. LOL, Travis!!

    I love, but also hate, how realistic the scandal system is set up. You get accused (falsely or not) of petty things, and celebs start avoiding you and regular sims start hating you.

    Yay, legit agents! It'd be even more realistic if your sims' agent hardly ever calls, and when the agent does call, the sim gets a happy "OMG, my agent actually called me!" moodlet. ;)

    Georgia. Sam. A sim match made in plumbbob heaven.

  14. Hey Cheezy,

    I'm going to see if I can keep Sammy on the straight - at least long enough to get him way up in his career. Of course, he or Georgia could be falsely accused at any time.

    Sam got a good job from his new agent. Dance in a club. It was a tough assignment but someone had to do it. LOL

  15. Wow!! A lot in this post to definitely crack Kaleeko up! You were right about that, PiB. ;)

    First though, I will say that Sam and Georgia together? Very sweet. Especially since I know Sam is entirely capable of handling her sometimes... er... overwhelming nature. She's my favorite bundle of trouble ala Chrysame. :D

    Now... My goodness, those Kanes. First, Meredith looks SO WEIRD to me right now, since she looks so young! (I know they're close to elder in your game, but they still look young, since I gave mine gray hair early in my game.)

    I'm not terribly surpised that Sam would get cranky at her, though... She annoys me often enough. Glad they didn't totally get off on the wrong foot though.

    Travis -- my goodness boy, learn some fashion sense, and learn to slow down your flirtations! I hope he doesn't throw Cassidy for a loop. XD That whole outfit, though... Man. Those shoes and those clothes. So goofy.

    Lots of cuteness, though. :) Sammy stories never fail to entertain me!

  16. Hey, Kaleeko, you are back. :)

    Sammy has his moody moments, Georgia has her little freak-outs, it's all good. The only problem with being a Sammy mate in this blog is that you have to put up with him stealing the spotlight. :)

    Yep, been there with someone playing a Sim at an age that just looks wrong. I expect Jeb and Mere to age up before they appear in the hood again.

    You'll be seeing Travis again soon enough. At least his outfit makes sense now. :)


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