Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 12)

Time certainly flies. Feels like just a couple of weeks ago I moved into town and it's my birthday already.

If the guests I invited do come, it will be an awesome party. Mostly our work mates, and in the film industry, that means the stars may be coming out. 

I don't think I've been to a party in this city that didn't have a fair share of crashers. I should know, I was doing some of the crashing. Makes it interesting to see who comes that wasn't invited.

I poured out a few easy peasy drinks for the guests. Then I started to try to mix some of the better drinks.

Now you toss the bottle like so.

Reach out to catch it and

[Smash] I missed it again. Geez, that makes the third one tonight. This is going to cost a pretty penny.

Not to mention the broken glass hazard just before the guests arrive.

I did stop in time to make the area around the bar safe before anyone could hurt themselves.

Make a wish? Hmm.

I have a lovely wife.
We have a nice house.
I have a great job.
I have lots of friends.

How much closer can one life get to perfect?

I think almost anyone who is someone in town came to the party. We had enough stars that I should have been able to turn out the lights and still see clearly.

Poor Georgia was finding it a strain to walk around everyone to get to the cake.

I know tonight wasn't the best night to have a party from her point of view. However it was the only chance I had to celebrate.

Georgia took the opportunity to photograph Lola, one of the cities brightest stars.

Everyone had a great time. Music, dancing, fancy cake. Another few parties like that and I may yet make 5 star celeb.

The party ended and I asked the baby if she had a good time too.

Georgia laughed, she doesn't think that the baby has much room to party. And we don't know if it will be a girl.

I asked about the baby's dancing skills. Georgia groaned, the baby had been kicking a lot during the evening. She tells me I can have the next one.

Me have a baby? I don't think that's possible, is it?

Four in the morning and Georgia kicks me out of bed. Well, not literally kicked, but it was a good hard shove to get me moving.

No ifs, ands, or buts, that baby is coming and coming right now.

Would you believe that we took the subway to the hospital? There is a station at the hospital and one really really close to the house.

Fortunately, everything was running well, we got to the hospital with time to spare.

We came out again a family of three, with our beautiful daughter Savannah.

I ran ahead to check on things before Georgia arrived with Savannah.

She was on the phone almost non-stop. Friends and coworkers wanting the news.

If they couldn't get through to Georgia, they rang me.

We spent most of the morning on phones.

It felt like it was taking forever to finish. During the brief sessions when the phone wasn't ringing, one of us would think of another friend that didn't know our wonderful news yet.

Welcome home Savannah Grant.


  1. Big post, it was an important day for Sam.

  2. Good on Sam for getting lots of celebs to his party! Do you think he'll hit 5-star before maxing out his career? I vote that if not, that you wait til he's a 5-star before ending this Sammy clone. Just sayin'.

    Georgia looks so cute waddling around all the hawt celebrities. There they are, all hawt and skinny, and... She's... yeah. Don't tell her I said anything.

    But, she looks incredibly sweet with Savannah afterwards. I can't wait to see what the little one turns out like -- Sammy should be proud either way, though. And I'm glad they got their wish for a girl.

    Everybody with my now: "D'aaaaaawwwww."

  3. He is at 4 1/2 stars. I think he'll make that before he can top out the profession given how short his hours are getting.

    The rest may be hawt and skinny but there is only one there that has Sammy's heart. Even if she is finding it a wee bit hard to move.

    Yes, they got their girl and they are pleased as anything.

  4. Happy birthday, Sammy. It looks like a fun party full of celebrities, all very hawt. Georgia looks very uncomfortable. I remember that stage of pregnancy very well. I don't remember coming home all skinny again after having the baby, though. Lucky Sim.

    Savannah is the perfect name! I was so curious what you'd name the baby. The picture of them both on the phone at the same time is great. That's so like life, big event and you share it with everyone you know.

    Sam does age well. He always looks good as an adult.

  5. Hey Chrysame, Sammy did have fun at his party. Georgia mostly did too, I caught her at a bad moment when she was trying for the third time to get some cake.

    Glad you love the baby's name. Savannah is a good name for Georgia's baby I think.

    Do any of our guys age badly to adult? I can't think of any. Elder - that only goes well for a few.

  6. I liked the Savannah reference, too. ^^ But you already know that.

    I can't think of any of our male sims that age poorly to adult -- in fact, I think Jeb actually looks *better* as an adult than a YA. Although, I've seen bad aging in the form of growing up into worse hair-dos. ;)

    Ya know, Sammy does so much in this life -- the new career, started a band, started learning mixology, became a celebrity -- I have to wonder what you'll do with his next clone. Kaleeko ponders...

  7. I know you did Kaleeko. I told you that it does give me a good reference for any future Georgia - Sammy babies - there are plenty of good town/city names in Georgia to borrow. :)

    Sam did change to a rather odd hair style when he aged up. I made him change back. LOL

    He is a very busy Sim this time. Plenty of things to do. As for the next clone, that's a mystery to me too. I have a plan for the short story blog instead.

  8. "D'aaaaaawwwww." :D
    This is a great update. Wow, a lot happening. Stars everywhere and they wouldn't get out of the way for a poor pregnant woman to get a little cake.
    Welcome to sim world Savannah. Perfect name.

  9. Thanks Dee.

    What do you expect of a bunch of celebs? They make way for no one. Though Georgia is pretty darned famous herself - she's 4 star too, just not nearly as far to 5 as Sammy.

    I wonder if Savannah will get to see her Mom again until Sammy goes to work. :) You know what he's like with babies. I just wish I'd notice the second blotch on poor Savannah's head. I photoshopped her first one outside the hospital away.

  10. I really wish they would get rid of those blobs. They're so ugly.
    Yeah, knowing Sammy he will do his best ot get to Savannah first. :D

  11. Agree, blotchy babies aren't a pretty sight.

    Someday Sammy will ignore a baby/toddler in need and I shall drop dead of shock.


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