Friday, December 10, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 8)

Another day, and more practice at Naked Chef. Breakfast is pretty much our only meal at home. We head for work around lunchtime and tend to eat out somewhere at dinner.

It's a day off work for both of us. Georgia's been asked by her agent to work out for a few hours. I haven't been to the gym in days. I think it's time for both of us to head over.

Might give Travis a ring, see if he wants to work out today.

Travis agreed to meet at the gym. It's obvious that he's still really stoked about getting married.

Hmmm. Marriage...

As it turned out, I didn't actually work out at all. Mostly because of seeing superstar Matthew

He's where I want to be. Top of the profession, super celebrity status, admired by women everywhere.

I started with an autograph.

Then just chatted to Matthew about this and that. Our careers, the latest gossip,  how he copes with being followed everywhere by fans and cameras.

You can bet the rest of town will know about this soon. The paparazzi were here and taking pictures like crazy.

Georgia managed to get some exercise time in. Travis and I failed.

Decided it was time for another party - we are up-scaling to rent The Aquarius for the night.

I arrived first and made sure to buy a round of drinks.

Georgia finally had a chance to meet Travis. I hope they get on, they are two of my favorite people.

We had a nice turn out. Some of my coworkers, some of our friends.

The party went well. I chatted to everyone. There was drinking, dancing, socialising. A couple of regular customers as well, I didn't want to spend the extra cash for exclusive access.

The party was a smashing success, the bartender smashed nearly every bottle in the house that night. She was a bit clumsy when doing some of the drinks. Eventually though we headed for home.

Georgia made a beeline for her painting.

I hope Georgia won't mind but I really have to interrupt her.  Although, I'll wait for her to finish that little section. The view is very nice from here. And I don't mean the view of her painting either.

It's time to tell her that she is the most gorgeous woman in the city.

She said she knew that.

And that I love her truly, madly, deeply.

She claims she was pretty sure about that too.

And that I want  her to be mine forever more.

Ha, that one caught her by surprise!

She accepted my ring! We are engaged.

We are both very happy.

It took no time at all for the word to spread. It was in the papers so much that Georgia is a 3 star celeb now and I'm a 4 star.

Don't worry, we won't wait long for a wedding. I don't want to give her a chance to think at all. She might just come to her senses if she stops to think.


  1. Aww... that's beautiful. And talk about Celeb marriage..hmm I think it's going to be a awesome wedding party!

  2. Eeeeeeeeeee!! Der's gonna be a wwweeeedddiiinnggg!!

    Okay, so I may be a huge party pooper when it comes to birthdays and pregnancies, but I will always super duper love weddings.

    But, back to the post -- the party looks like it went very well. Would've been funny if he proposed at the party, actually... Only because Georgia probably loves being the center of attention.

    I'm glad to see that Sam and Travis are still really close, and that even Georgia's getting to know him. Make sure he doesn't get all commitment-issuey near Georgia, though. >.>

    Also, the shut of Travis being 'pumped' about being married is hilarious. (As is the very very plump man standing next to him in the gym. Ha!)

  3. There will be a wedding and a huge party.

    Kaleeko, I wanted to make sure that Sam and Georgia were paying attention to nothing else. And Sam is starting to get serious attention from fans and paparazzi when he's away from home.

    Would Travis hit on his friend's girlfriend in front of his friend? I hope not or this is going to be the shortest friendship ever. LOL

    I loved Travis being so happy about the marriage. What did happen to commitment issues boy? ;)

    It seems likely that the wedding should top off Sam's celeb status.

  4. Travis may not have a long marriage. Cassidy is one of Ben's admirers, she and Macy have a feud over him.

    I bet Ben just loves that.

  5. Kaleeko, Brad's new wife has a son from her previous relationship. Should they invite the boy to move in? She fails on child support...

  6. Love the update. Still looking awesome there Sammy in you birthday suit. :)
    Bigs hugs and congrats to Sammy and Georgia on their upcoming wedding.
    A slap upside the heads of Ben and Cassidy. Trying to knock some sense into them. Probably won't work.
    *laughing* I used that same formal dress on Kat for awhile. I've changed it now.
    Sounds like Travis may be the one being cheated on instead of the other way around. Poor Travis.
    I see in that pic that Travis is so happy about his marriage while Cassidy is thinking about someone else. Another slap upside Cassidy's head. Stupid sim.

  7. A wedding! I can't wait to see it. Georgia and Sam look great together. They really are a lovely couple.

    Oh oh, Cassidy and Macy feuding over Hot Ben. I have a bad feeling about this. Travis, you might as well go ahead and find another girlyfriend.

    Macy, you just make sure you keep that baby. I'm not sure how it's determined which parent gets the child when there's a split.

  8. Agreed. Macy should keep the baby. That child does not need to grow up seeing all those "aunties" coming and going.

  9. Oh dear. XD Has Travis met someone that could reverse their roles?! How awful of Cassidy! Agh! Oh well... He needs a bit of a taste of his own medicine.

    I feel worse for Macy definitely, though. Bad *Ben*!

    Well, at least amongst all the divorcing or marital fighting, there'll be at least one happy relationship still going!

    Oh, and go ahead and move in Marina's other child, I don't see Brad as being the kinda guy that would force her to just pay child support. Jeb may not like it, but he can tough it.

  10. Quickie update.

    Macy booted Ben from the house. He's just moved to a new apartment.

    Marina's son lives with the Kanes now. Brad went from single to married with step-son so fast.

    As for Georgia and Sam, well, new piccies is coming. :)

  11. Oh and Dee, Sammy is wearing his usual for cooking breakfast. It's just using the angle and the tray to disguise that he has anything on. LOL Good trick yes?

    Oh, and I did a visit to Travis and Cassidy. I think Twallan's mod is exaggerating the Cassidy story. Ben is no where near the top of her friend/lover list.

  12. I sort of figured the tray was hiding the undies. If not, the pic would have probably been taken from the back to show his sexy buns.

    I'm glad to hear Cassidy isn't about to run off with Ben. Who knows what will happen as soon as you turn your back on them.

    This is all sounding like a soapy opera. :)

  13. Soap opera Sims, one of my fav ways to play the game.

    I just realised, Sam clone stories seem to get a tiny bit longer with each clone. The first few barely qualify as stories at all.

  14. AJ got Theodore Ryan - but she is romantically interested in a married Sim. He hasn't dived into love in his first day.

    Carolina North got Jon Lessen and they are dating.

    Amelia got Captain Jack. He's interested in someone called Polly. She has no romantic interests but is currently chatting to Ben in his apartment.

    Shannon got Antonio. She has no romantic interests but Antonio has a heart for Moxie Logan, one of the local starlets. Dang, I might just have to change this...they would have *such* cute kids.

  15. Uh Oh. Carolina and Jon may end up with another Reed. :)
    Another uh oh. Amelia chatting with Ben.

  16. Poor Jon, he doesn't stand a chance of getting away from Carolina. ;)

    Well, Ben is available. Just not exactly faithful. But I was switching Sims for a couple of minutes and Amelia just barely knows Ben.

    Ah, and Cassidy is not romantically linked with Ben - but she and Macy are enemies. So that much of Twallan's report was true, the girls did fight a lot.

  17. The enemy part doesn't surprise me at all. Anytime Carolina is left to herself she is just so mean. :D

  18. Damn you Jack and Amelia, that's the wrong freaking house. I just put it there for Sammy!


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