Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 7)

I finally got a real agent. His first suggestion was for me to make friends with Stella, the same person that Georgia just made friends with. I didn't have to work at impressing her, she loved meeting another celebrity.

We chatted for awhile about this and that; being celebrities, the latest scandals, the hottest nightclubs in town. She seems nice enough. One more friend in this city for Sammy.

I hope the new agent keeps finding things like this. Easy and who doesn't need a few more friends in life?

Georgia went shopping. I'm really fond of her new dress.

Ok, I love that it really shows off her legs. Very nice.

She bought the dress after a long stressful day at work. They called her back for some extra stuff and that's when her stress levels just sky rocketed. A small freak out and a new dress later, she's feeling calm again. That dress only cost *slightly* more than she earned from the overtime.

I was headed to the dump. Don't ask, I just felt the need to dig through some trash. The apartment is just a bit ... tidy for my tastes.

What is *she* doing here? She's big time. She's one of our city's major celebrities, surely she's doesn't need to dig through trash?

And not impressed by me. Not even the tiniest little bit.

I did try for awhile. But I have a long way to go with this one.

Well, I got a bit tired of this and heard through the grapevine that someone got married. I went over to the newlyweds place with the intention of crashing a wedding party.

The newlyweds Travis and Cassidy Kane didn't have a party. Just married and no party? Damn.

Well, I'm here so I should at least congratulate them.

Travis and I hit it off straight away. We both love sports of all types and hate cleaning. I think he was impressed by my celebrity status.

He told me that he's just starting in the local team, but he's not going to be at the bottom of the squad for long. I believe him. He won't rest easy at the bottom of the heap.

Georgia got a great offer. Turn up to the Plasma Club, and order a drink then drink it.

She waltzed straight by the bouncer. Mmmm, I like this dress too. Good one for waltzing around.

She ordered a drink, drank it and earned a cool $1000 for the effort. Now that has to be one of the least effort job ever offered.

Travis and I are really getting on. He's a really nice guy, we should hang out from time to time. I bet he'll be willing to meet up at the gym regularly. Having someone to train with should motivate both of us.

I'm glad I came by. I think Travis is going to be one of my best friends in the city. He's more down to earth then the celebs I meet at work.

But I can't say the same about his wife Cassidy. I did chat with her a bit but I just don't see the appeal.

Marriages are going viral around here. Hugo has just married Kacyn. He's a lucky man, she's a lovely girl.

Should I ask Georgia? Is it Time? 

Ben and Macy's little girl. Isn't she a sweetie? Macy isn't getting along very well with Ben these days. She's a bit tired of having to share him with almost every woman in town.


  1. Kaleeko, about Travis. When I had a notice that Travis and Cassidy were dating, I moved him over to her place. It seemed a bit much for him to try and date when surrounding by parents and younger brother. That's all I did with him.

    And he and Sam are natural buddies. I was getting Georgia her drink when I peeked at Sam's action queue to find that Be hugged was his current action.

    So all up, he's making a good first impression here. :)

  2. Heee! Oh, Travis... Tsk, tsk. You're supposed to sample the menu before settling on one order! Oh well. Hopefully things with Cassidy go well. I've seen Commitment Issue sims stay with their wives (although not very faithfully), so as long as they're both happy...

    Nice to see Travis getting along so well with Sammy, though. They do have a lot in common. Nice to see the good side of him, too, because my story seems to forget to mention it. ;D

    Georgia's looking very beautiful, lately! She's being spoiled, good good. And being loved and admired! Even better.

    Sammy going to the dump to pick up things for a more messy house? Oy. That's too funny. Well, it's not like he needs a spectacular looking place... We all know where he's *really* looking.

    Very cute little toddler! Hmm... I dunno. Is it time for Sam and Georgia to marry and make babies? :-O Only PiB knows!

  3. As I said, Travis and Cassidy just zipped straight to marriage on their own. Since this is the first time I've had a grown Travis in game, it will be interesting to see how this Commitment Issue boy goes.

    I had noticed that poor Travis doesn't seem to get much good press from your story. LOL I'll be interested to see how he turns out over here.

    Georgia is doing very well. But Sammy always does try hard to make sure his mate is happy.

    No, Sammy went to the dump just to be somewhere where dirt and junk rule. He's not bringing the junk home, just kind of seeing a nicely sloppy place for a change. :)

    It's certainly time for Sammy to ask Georgia about the next step. And a party if she accepts. :)

  4. Ooh, Georgia's looking smexy.Sammy's looking smexy. Love the clothes we have now.
    A new dress is always a great cure for a freak out. :)
    Well congratulation Travis and Cassidy!
    Cassidy, put down the stupid book and be social. Jeez.
    Awwww, the toddler is co cute. Ben you better straighten up there boy. You're about to lose the chance to watch the little cutie grow up.

  5. Thanks Dee. There are some very nice new clothes, at least for young adult and adult Sims.

    I was surprised by the speed of the Cassidy and Travis marriage. Talk about a whirlwind romance, I think they've only known each other for 2 days. :)

    Ben and Macy were having serious relationship problems - nearing declared enemy state. I've reset them back to liking each other but if they fall out again, so be it. We'll see who moves out and who keeps Dianne.

  6. I was surprised too. I had to go back and see what her traits are. I don't remember Travis's traits but I know she is a party animal, friendly, clumsy, dramatic and....yes....klepto.
    Maybe she fell into him and he liked it. We all know how he just can't say no. :D

    Ben just likes the ladies too much.

  7. Well, they fell big time for each other. They both seem pretty happy just now.

    Ben likes the ladies and the ladies all love Ben. He won't lack for company if Macy boots him.

  8. Sorry for being very late for the party.
    Georgia looks great in that dress and Sam looks very great too in his new style.
    Wow, Travis and Cassidy are married!
    Ben and Macy's little girl is so cute. Laugh at "She's a bit tired of having to share him with almost every woman in town" -hmm that couldn't be good.

  9. Sammy should give up on that one.. Celebrities digging the trash. That's really.. rare

  10. Whoa, Georgia looks hot! Great pic of her from the back. Smokin'

    I cannot wait for Sammy/Georgia babies. BABIES! Can you tell I'm excited about this match up?

    Macy and Ben's daughter is adorable but she always sticks with him so it's time she threw his gigolo butt to the curb. He won't mind, he's got plenty of ladies lined up, ready and willing to curl up next to him.

    Travis married? Well, well, isn't that a surprise. Travis Babies! He and Cassidy would make such cute little ones.

    I love Sammy's new shirt. Show off that manly man chest, Baby! Oh, yeah.

  11. Hehe. I have to say, it's an interesting matchup, but I can't wait to see the babies either. *cough*

    Oh and Chrysame, if you like that shirt on Sammy, you better go check out the mini-machinima I made of him showing it off. ;) So sexy!

  12. The one where he's strutting his stuff? Oh, yeah, I saw it. I didn't get a chance to comment so I'll tell you right now that it rocked. A certain BeeGee song would work really well with it, too.

  13. Hey MJ. It's never too late for a Sammy party. I agree, Georgia looks smashing in that dress.

    I was more than a bit surprised that Travis and Cassidy married that fast.

    Macy may well leave Ben this time. That would be different.

    Sammy may have another go at that celebrity. He is much more a celeb himself and she should talk to him now.

  14. Hey Chrysame - I agree, Georgia is looking hot. She doesn't have to compete for Sammy's attention, he can't keep eyes off her. Then again, I believe she likes watching him as well. :)

    Babies - well none yet. But in our next episode, they do get one step closer and engaged.

    Travis and Cassidy babies - well, I'm leaving it up to them. I mean, would Kaleeko or Dee want me to force them to have a baby or two?

  15. Have you all seen the walk of shame, yet? It's when a sim gets rejected from the public woohoo. My sim rejected her husband's attempt to woohoo in an elevator. It was hilarious. She kicked him out of the elevator on his bottom. He walked around with his head down and all hunched over. Poor guy.

  16. No, no walk of shame yet. Sounds great for the controller but not so good for the Sim who was rejected.

    Why did your Sim reject her hubby? Poor guy.

  17. Oh, I forgot - "I have to say, it's an interesting matchup, but I can't wait to see the babies either. *cough*"

    Hmm, maybe a bit of Twallan magic is desired here. I mean, they've been married a whole day now...surely time enough. LOL

  18. Teeheehee! No, don't rush it. And don't rush Travis or Cassidy, either. When they're ready to have babies, let them have babies! I wouldn't force them into it until they at least throw up a wish or something. ;D

    I have to say though, I am really curious what Travis/Cassidy offspring would look like. O.o Guess we'll wait and see.

    Also: The walk of shame is awesome. So hilarious!

  19. I have no clue why she rejected him. She's always jumping him and dragging him off to bed. Maybe she really wanted a drink first.

    I also had a repairwoman die on the lot while trying to fix the hot tub. That was a first.

  20. Well, since I don't play them, I'll never know if they wish for a baby. So I'll give em another day or two then force it. :)

    BTW - Some gal Marina? who used to be with super celeb Matthew Hammer moved in with Jeb, Mere and Brad. The popup box mentioned Jeb but she's actually best friends with Brad. Or was best friends - she's dating Brad now.

    But the other of our Sims dumped into Bridgeport haven't been too busy. I haven't heard anything about Shannon, Carolina, Antonio, Amelia.

  21. Oh, Jeb hit elder. Hard. Not a pretty sight.

  22. Huh! I know who Marina is. That's funny... Dating Brad? Ha!

    I don't imagine Jeb would make the best elder. The idea of him hunched over and weak just doesn't suit him. XD I'm honestly kinda nervous to see.

  23. Yep, she's dating Brad. It will be interesting to see if that one goes anywhere but she is already living with him. :)

    Yeah, be nervous. Jeb doesn't fair well after he hits elder. I honestly had a moment of "Who is that?"

    I still hate that almost every elder gets pot bellied, their faces usually collapse downward and they hunch. Sims 2 tended to be a bit kinder to elders - more wrinkles and gray hair but not toddering wrecks of their former selves.

  24. Update, she married Brad. Damn, those Kane boys are freaking fast. Neither of them wanted to shop around.

    Mind you, after she moved in and I found she was Brad's best friend I had them kiss once. That is the gentlest shove though.


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