Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (Part 9)

I'm an engaged man. I love it. I can't stop thinking about how happy this makes me.

If getting engaged is this good, how will being married make me feel?

Georgia still chats up her friend Stella. She likes to keep up with lower beings.

I know, I shouldn't. It wasn't long ago that no one knew my name. Now nearly everyone does. And it is good to have friends with no celebrity status. They help keep you grounded.

Because if your friends can't help you stay grounded, this could lead to trouble.

I'm getting recognised all over town now. It's getting so I never know when I'll be asked for an autograph. It can make getting somewhere on time a bit of a problem, I have to pause for autographs and photographs.

It's part of the price of fame. So far, it's great. The occasional freebie. People who love to meet me.

Why is it I keep looking for the sting? There has to be something wrong with this setup. There must be some bad to go with all this good.

We're both excited, it's our wedding day.

I know, you are hoping for a big formal affair with gorgeous flowers and so forth. Well, that's not what we are planning. We've rented one of the clubs in the city for the night. Not so pretty and romantic but there will be dancing and drinking until all hours. Since they don't hire out venues that are both great for parties *and* pretty, we'll hire the party place.

When did Georgia buy that? I love it. It really accentuates her ass...ets, yeah assets is what I meant.  That's a view a man could wake up to forever and ever.

She would be sexy in an old sack but this is much much better. If it wasn't getting too close to work time, I'd rip that right off.

Patience, Sam. Wedding then clothes ripping can commence.

I'm not the only once excited about tonight. Georgia is ringing her office and her friends just to brag.

Does anyone else look so incredibly cute in this outfit? Not every girl could pull off the overall worker outfit but does it ever work for her.

What a day. Just a few more hours to the wedding and I've been promoted to actor. I'm doing so well in this career. The money is just starting to be good, the hours are great and I won't stop until I reach the very top.

So we invited our friends to help celebrate.

Every time I see Beau, I think about asking him to turn me. What is the life of a vampire like? Would I like it or go screaming to the Science Lab for a cure?

Not something I should worry about tonight.

Tonight it's all about Georgia. That sweet Georgia.

Poor Georgia. It's all a bit much for her. She had a little moment again.

It's ok, sweetie. I am here for you. Whenever you need me. For whatever you need.

Finally, she's better and we can exchange the rings.

Seal that deal with a kiss, baby. Or should I say Mrs Georgia Grant?

The party went on for hours. Dancing, exchanging hugs with our friends.

That's plenty of party for me, let's get home.

Not another autograph hound? Sheesh, will I never get out of here and go home?

He thinks I'm worth hanging out with. Sorry buddy, the feeling isn't mutual. Go home and ebay the signature. I know that's what you want to do.

And this is the reason for the hurry home. Mrs Grant, would you like to have some fun in bed with me tonight?

Oh yeah, now this is the life.


  1. Ok, so Ben is in his own apartment. Macy kept the toddler.

    Travis and Cassidy have a son named Guy.

    No other important gossip that I can think of in the hood.

  2. This is a great update Pib.
    Sammy just can't get Georgia off his mind for a minute.
    Woah! Georgia. That is some outfit you have there. Wow.
    LOL at Georgia's moment.
    A big congrats them the both of them.

    I am so glad macy kept the baby. Ben was not going to be a good influence.

    Congrats to Travis and Cassidy. Well, his name should be easy to remember.

  3. I'm sure Sammy spends at least a few minutes a day with his head on some other topic. :)

    I discovered that Late Night added some new nighttime options for our girls. Sammy approves.

    They is happy happy Sims.

    Macy has help, she lives with Kacyn and Hugo. Plenty of good folk there.

    I still can't believe that Kaleeko's Commitment Issues boy married within 2 days of being added to the hood. He and Cassidy did have a helping hand for the pregnancy though.

  4. Kat may have to try out those new nighttime options...if...she ever settles down.

    Agree. Macy has some good help there.

  5. LOL Maybe one of the guys would make her settle if she wore that to bed when they could see.

    It is nice that the girls have some much sexier underwear at long last. Even if that means their guys threaten to rip it off at the first opportunity. :)

    Macy and Di should be fine without Ben. Kind of nice that for once she dumps him when he becomes too popular with the ladies.

  6. Yay!!

    Georgia Grant. WooHoo! Over and over, again, I bet. Sammy, the downside to fame is being bothered all the time.

    Ben is free to cavort all he likes and Macy has plenty of help with the toddler. All is good there. I wouldn't be surprised if they reconnected, though. We'll see!

  7. Georgia and Sammy had plenty of fun in bed. And will have plenty more.

    Thought you might enjoy Sammy wanting to rip her clothes off since you once told Celia to rip his off. :)

    No idea if Ben and Macy will ever get back together. I suspect he'll love life as a free sim too much.

  8. Aww! No, no big romantic wedding, but that may not be the way to do it as a star. ;) This Sammy seems to love his night-life, too, so it was definitely perfect for him.

    And... man. That outfit does look good on Georgia! Rowr! I have to admit, when I first saw them included with LN, my jaw about hit the floor (almost a bit racy for the Sims), but... They really are pretty cute. L-l-love the garters they have now, too, in the accessories section.

    Georgia does rock just about anything -- even that workmans overall! I adore her. Her and her 'moments'. :)

    Well, I'm glad they had a great wedding -- let's hope the marriage after is just as special!

    Oh and -- Travis naming his son 'Guy'? So typical. I still chuckle at how he rushed into that. Silly, silly Travis... I have a feeling Twallan's SP doesn't consider the Com. Issues trait as heavily as it should!

  9. When Georgia is having her moment, it looks like she's grabbing onto Sam.

  10. It really does! I noticed that, too. lol, Poor guy's just standing there like... "Ignore my girl, please... This is totally normal for her!" ;)

  11. How cute of him "I am here for you. Whenever you need me. For whatever you need."

    :D she looks better, but still.. he wanted to rip that right off.

    Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Grant!

  12. @chrysame, I think Georgia would definitely grab Sam. She can count on him as a rock in her life!

    @kaleeko I thought about having the normal big wedding but somehow the party venue just seemed more natural here.

    Georgia looks great in so many outfits but that new nighty caught Sam's eye, no doubt!

    Yes, brilliant name for Travis and Cassidy's boy - Guy. :)

    @MJ, thanks for the comments. Never fear, he gets that outfit off Georgia!


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