Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 11)

Georgia, looking adorable even if she claims she rivals an elephant in size.

I didn't reply. I can't imagine that there is a single thing I can say that would help.  That I think she looks beautiful pregnant is true but I'll never convince her of that.

Georgia went to visit Ben Lee at his apartment. What a time for an elevator to start having fits again.

Why Georgia took it into her sweet little head to go off and visit Ben is beyond me. I will try and convince her not to visit any high rises until after the baby is born. This cannot be good for either of them.

When not going to work, we both travel in style these days. Georgia came home in a limo after visiting Ben.

They still send me a scrappy little junker for when I am headed work. I suppose they just don't have limos to fetch everyone at the same time.

Georgia went to work on a new painting. I'm glad because that seems to calm her a lot.

Give her a paint brush and canvas or her guitar and Georgia is a very happy person. I think I might be useful in making her happy as well.

I invited my boss over to ask for another raise and another promotion. I worked very hard on my appearances even though they were just small spots in bigger productions.

Tiara agreed with me again. I got the raise and the promotion - I'm now a well paid feature actor.

With the promotion and the knowledge the baby is coming soon, we put a lot of our spare cash into redecorating the other bedroom in the house. It was rather drab and colourless.

This looks far more appropriate for the baby.

Georgia found and fell in love with this line of Panda furniture. The green leafy wall paper and floor matched the colour schemes of the panda stuff.

We've discovered that Tiara certainly isn't body shy. We had a tiny swimming pool put in and Tiara decided to go skinny dipping.

Georgia and I decided to get in some jamming practice.

I'm fairly confident with my keyboard skills, I need to go learn some new music soon. And Georgia is nearing professional levels at the guitar.

Did I tell you we are a band? We call it SimMania.

After some band practice, we stopped for a break. Georgia took her first dip in the pool.

It wasn't long till we joined her.

Hmm Tiara really loves skinny dipping. A bit too much if you ask me.

Well, this is certainly part of the price of fame. We can't avoid paparazzi any more. They are everywhere. Georgia was horrified to think her stomach might be featured on some cover but there's not a lot we can do about it.

I went over to a local park, just to have a bit more music practice and try playing for tips.

First thing is to sign this guys autograph book. He was so excited to met me. Of course, I am pretty damned exciting to meet these days. Not everyone in town is a celebrity.

Not everyone in the park cared. AJ Anderson seemed much more interested in the charms of Jack Harkness.

I thought I'd heard Jack had a girlfriend. He won't for long if she hears about this.

It was a pleasant day at the park. The sun was shining, there were people out and about. Tiara had followed me over from our home, a few of the Kane clan were present and Emma Star was there.

I really need to work on getting to know Emma.  She is always on the list, it would do my career good to know her better.

I was moderately successful when playing for tips today. Earned $30+ dollars.

One thing is sure, I won't be quitting my regular job for some time. Not at that rate of tipping.

Bonus pics

Hurray for holiday decorations.

Tired of Shannon and Antonio getting nowhere on their own. They got pushed to a kiss.

Soon after this, they started dating officially. Mmm, this combo should produce very attractive kids.

Left this pair with Jack romancing Amelia. But Jack is Jack and it was the next day he was in the park sweet talking AJ.

Jack does need absent minded mates like Ollie. They are the only ones who keep forgetting that they are cross with him for have affairs every 1/2 hour or so.

Travis and Guy. Ok everyone awwwwwww

Guy suffers from "Late Night" syndrome but fortunately the angle hides the blotches.


  1. Georgia, afraid of what she looks like while pregnant? Why am I not surprised? ;)

    Glad that Sam got the promotion, the baby room sure needed it. It looked quite dreadful, before.

    Maybe Sam gets picked up in a clunker sometimes to avoid being noticed in his big limo. Gotta do what you gotta do to avoid the papparazzi, right?

    I love that he and Georgia have a band. So cute. ;)

    The papparazzi is ridiculous! I can't believe he was in the back porch photographing her painting. That's awful. Amelia has papparazzi stalking her sometimes, but because she lives in a high rise they usually are just chilling out on the ground floor, waiting for her to come out.

    lol @ Sam's boss skinny dipping. Wonder how that made whale-sized Georgia feel. (Don't tell her I said that!)

    Omg, Travis with baby. So. Weird. Looking. Agh. ;D Amelia flirting... not so weird. Shannon and Antonio look great together. :)

  2. Sammy afraid to say anything to Georgia just in case he makes it worse. :)

    The entire house is like that. It will do in a pinch but redecorating it should be something they are looking forward to.

    Work will be sending him the big limo every day at some level. But not level 6. He has yet to be at work at level 7. His promotion came at the end of the work week.

    Georgia paints on the front porch but yeah, he was taking pics a lot. Maybe we should move her easel inside where he can't follow.

    Travis and a baby. Isn't it sweet? At least he goes home from time to time, Cassidy never seems to.

  3. BTW - pic with Kane clan - elder Jeb is sitting reading (Jeb reading???) Brad is standing and his new wife Marina is the only blond female around.

  4. I always assumed Georgia complained about looking like a whale but, secretly, she loved being pregnant. New clothes, all the attention. In my game when she was preggers she always seemed to mellow during it. Are you finding that, PiB, or is she still a handful even while pregnant?

    She was a decent mom unless she started painting or sculpting then she was gone, gone, gone. I had the feeling she rushed to the baby just so she could beat Ben.

    Travis looks natural with a baby in his arms. Antonio and Shannon look sweet together. And, dang, Mia and Jack look very very good as a couple. But, then Jack was always a very talented flirt. Obviously, it wouldn't be fair if he didn't share that talent with as many sims as possible!

  5. To be fair to Georgia, she certainly was happy about being pregnant. She spent lots of time talking to her tummy. And I only noticed one or two freaks out.

    And Sammy loves Georgia *and* the fact that he'll be a daddy soon. Actually the baby has been born, I was giving everyone a breather before posting the next part.

    Travis looks like he'll be a good daddy. Cassidy seems to spend most of every night at The Aquarius so it's not looking like little Guy has the best mom.

    Antonio and Shannon should have some of the best children we've ever seen. If they decide to reproduce.

    Mia and Jack would be a great couple. AJ and Jack, the same. But he wouldn't be Jack if he wasn't a flirt, and anyone who wants him has got to know that. So when I spotted him chatting up AJ, I laughed, took his piccie and left him be.

  6. Awww at the pic of Travis and Guy. So sweet. Cassidy needs a good talking to. Get home to your baby! And husband!

    AJ, leave Jack alone unless you are willing to share him with everyone he decides to flirt with.
    Maybe Amelia will be able to tame him.

    Georgia still looks beautiful. That baby will have two wonderful parents.

  7. Hey Dee, the second night I found her partying at nearly 2 am - I used resetsim on her to send her home. Travis does look sweet with his son.

    Jack is just practicing his flirting skills, I don't think AJ really minds the attention. And there is no way that Mia is going to tame Jack. He doesn't settle on one true love very well at all.

    Georgia is a very lovely girl. Sammy is lucky (again!) But will she ever get a chance to see the baby until he goes off to work?


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