Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 8 (part 11)

Well Mum, I think I'll start with the neighborhood kids growing up.

Dominique Lessen, looking even more like his dad as a teen

This is Shaun, Dugan Gruffman's boy. He is also growing to look a lot like his dad.

Apparently Mick Lessen has been getting very friendly with Sarah Netty. This is their little one, Jenifer. No Mum, that's not a typo. I don't know why it's spelt that way instead of the standard one.

The Bodette's have three lovely children. Sandy


Mary has been coming home with Tommy after school quite a lot.

We had a couple of new people move into town too. I believe their names are Marta and Wyatt

This little one is Alicia and Jared's baby Jaime Carter

And this is Raven Zaney Marsh as a teen

Now for the news from home. Thomas went out of control and zapped the baby's crib with his experimental device.

When I realised what he'd done, I was so angry. I really let him know it too

Thomas told me I seemed to be upset

Upset wasn't nearly strong enough a description

Then he apologised

When I calmed down, I decided that maybe it's not Thomas's fault. So we went to the hospital with Geoffrey Landgraab. Geoffrey and I did some tests on Thomas's genetics.

That device that they give someone at the top of the Science career alters their DNA. That's why Thomas's hair has been changing and why every zap seems to make him worse. That's why everyone who gets to the top of Science is always a Mad Scientist, they can't resist trying the new techy toy a few times and even once is once too many.

The good news is that Thomas is ready to give up his job now. And my time as a Gene Therapist has given me some insight in how we can revert his DNA back to normal. It may take a bit of effort between Geoffrey and I to get it right but we will get Thomas back to his old lovable self.

So this is a happy Sammy, signing off.

(for the record and the sake of the readers...)
Tommy as a teen

As a HOT young adult - damn he looks like Sammy's son

Cindy as a child


Young adult

as normal a sim with no sense of style.  Better clothes and darker hair would make all the difference.


  1. Ways in which Sam and Thomas helped me create this story.

    It was always going to be a mad scientist story. But who was going to reach the top of the career was unclear until Sam happened to get Thomas as his boss. I was thinking that at least one Sammy clone should be gay and this was a good opportunity for that.

    I had a want for them to have two children. And they obliged since Sam did want a baby first and when Tommy hit child, Thomas did want a second baby.

    If Sam had stayed a scientist, the end would have been different. But he got an offer to switch to medicine and that changed the potential endings.

    They really did pick a convenient time to have a conversation about the kids. Worked right into what I wanted for the story.

    The other thing was that the family was very lucky. If Thomas had started a fire when experimenting, I was just going to let it go. But this time around, he did make a toilet so disgusting even Sammy was appalled by it. But nothing worse than that happened.

  2. A nice ending even though I got worried when I saw the fighting pics. Sounds like Thomas and Sam's idea of how the story should go meshed with yours very well!

    Now, bring on the next clone! Time to vote!

  3. :-) You noticed the poll gadget. Yeah, I got a vote!

    Sammy looks really scary when you use his Grouchy -> Argue action. He pulls some amazing faces when he argues.

  4. I was so busy reading that I didn't notice the poll until you mentioned it. You got another vote.

    I was reading and looking at pics thinking just how cute the kids were and looking at Wyatt and Marta. Suddenly there was Thomas zapping that crib. I laughed til I cried and that pic of Sammy showing his teeth. It's hilarious.

  5. Hopefully everyone feels that it's a fitting conclusion to their story.

    I am considering zapping Tommy and Cindy up in age and see what our adopted babies would eventually look like.

  6. If you do zap them up, show us the pics. I still haven't adopted.

    It is a great ending to the story.

  7. Oh, good ending. I'm relieved and happy for Sammy. Oh. My. God. Tommy is heartbreaker material if I ever saw it.

    Those polls are fun. I remember Muleskinner had one too. I might play with that one of these days.

    ROFLing at Thomas and the disgusting toilet.

  8. You're lucky Sue, you're the first to arrive after I put up the pics of the grown children.

    Tommy is so handsome, I'm just stunned. He is a good looking teen who would win every heart as an adult.

    Cindy has a very pretty face. She does need to either wear clothes more suited to that body or work on the body to suit the clothes.

  9. Tommy is really, really good looking. The next time someone puts a thread up about all adopted children being unattractive you should show them Tommy.

    Ooo, Murder and Mayhem is in the lead although I'd be happy with Starving Artist. I bet Sammy would be a very sexy artist.

  10. I might put Tommy up in the Exchange. He should do fairly well.

    BTW - Murder and Mayhem is going to require one of your Sims to be Evil. Yes, the capital E is deliberate. :-) Not to mention taking its toll on poor innocent Sims across the city.

  11. Sorry it's a little late, but I voted.
    I loved the ending, and I am glad that things worked out well with Thomas and Sammy. The kids are great.

  12. I'm glad I checked back on this or I would not have known you posted the aged up pic. In my email it showed the same comment twice. Cindy is pretty but Tommy is, as Sue said, "a heartbreaker".
    Looks like the votes are tied now. Which ever way you go, you know you can do whatever with any of the sims you downloaded from me.
    I'm still trying to decide which routes to have Wyatt and Marta take. I just yesterday learned from the guide that the criminal career splits and they can go different ways.

  13. I'm running a little test guys. I've added all of you so you'll automatically get the comments by email. That way you don't have to subscribe per post. Let me know if you like the idea.

    Dee, I posted the one comment, deleted it and posted again. I misused it's for its, and you can't edit the silly comments.

    I still haven't deleted this save, I'm still pondering what to do with that boy. I can't believe how cute he grows up.

  14. Sounds very cool! Also, please feel free to use my Sims in anyway you need to further your Sammy stories.

  15. Oh, yes! I love the email idea. So much easier than trying to remember what you've subscribed to.

    You can make any of mine evil if you want to. I figure once you download them they're your to do with as you will. If you can't bear to Evilize one of our existing sims, you can have Larry the Squatter, I mean Larry Sharma from my Riverview neighborhood. He's evil AND mean, and I'm constantly having to stop him insulting people when he's active. He does love his wife and child, though. Though he does occasionally want to steal his baby's candy.

  16. If anyone wants to subscribe me to their comments, I'd love it. On Blogspot, you customize -> Comments -> at the bottom of the page is a box of who to email comments to. Please add me.

    Sue, I have no problem making any Sim evil. Look what I just did to Thomas! I'm really fond of Thomas too. :-)

  17. ROFL poor Thomas.

    Thanks for those instructions. I had no idea you could even do that.

  18. Yep, poor Thomas. He actually looked pretty cool with the grey/red hair combo though. :)

    I love that you can automatically get your comments. I didn't realize you guys might be subscribing to each post or I would have mentioned it before.

  19. I think I just added you PiB. I have been subscribing to each one so I would receive emails when someone posted.

  20. :-) Well Dee, this way should make life simpler. I know I love to read everyone's comments on most of our blogs so it's nice to know when they happen.

  21. It certainly worked. :D Now I'm getting two comment notifications for the ones I've subscribed to. LOL.

  22. I'm kind of late in finding this, but I saw the link you posted in a thread on TS3 forums, and all I have to say is wow! I'm impressed you've taken so much time with your characters, and not just in your active family. I suffer from what I call Sims ADD and I usually create multiple games in a single day because no single family has held my interest for long. I can't wait to see what happens next to Sammy!

  23. Thanks for the kind words. It may be a little while before I start the next Sammy story, this one has only just finished and I need a bit of a break. But he'll be back, as you can tell by the poll, I'm not done with my Sammy clones yet.

  24. Favorited and recommended. Now I'll be able to find them when I get ready to download them.


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