Friday, November 6, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy Clone 8 (part 6)

Hi Mum,

Thought I'd give you another update of what's going on around town and with Thomas and I.

I think Dugan was asking for trouble, flirting with Yuki in front of his girlfriend Madison

We had to chase some ants away but here we are having a picnic in the park.  The day was bright and sunny and the park is always beautiful.

I went visiting Saturday and found that Raven Zaney Marsh is now a child

So is Dugan Gruffman's boy Shaun

So is Dominique, Jon and Tanya's boy.  Looks like he's well on his way to being as hot as his dad.

I made friends with Tanya making me a super popular Sim with 20 friends.  You know that's what I've always wanted in life so I'm extremely happy about that.

Sunday and back in the park.  Jerod is such a good daddy, I always see him with one of his little ones

And Raven was out to play with young Sam - Sam's dad Leighton moved out of the home some time ago and no one knows what happened to him.

Thomas and I went to the local protest rally.

And I caught up with Alicia again.  She let me listen to her tummy.

I had to ask, this is the daddy of her baby.  His name is Jared Carter

He's pretty cute this isn't a great pic of him.

After seeing all those children and babies, I knew our family still wasn't complete.  I wanted for Thomas and I to have a baby of our own.  We don't get a stork delivery but it was an extra special delivery all the same.

And here is our son, Tommy.  Isn't he the best baby you've ever seen?  He loves the outdoors and our boy is a genius.


  1. Such cute kids. LOL at she let me listen to her tummy. So sweet. I still can't get over Alicia gaining so much weight. At least now she has an excuse.
    Is Jared Carter a pre-made, a download or did you make him? He's cute.

    Looks like someone else has Sammy on her mind at the protest. Hmmmm, wonder if she is remembering something from a previous life.

    Grandmum knows that Tommy is one baby that is going to be well taken care of.

  2. *laughs* I noticed that thought bubble of Sammy, too. Poor girl. She knows somehow, someway she's missing out on something good. Jared Carter is cute. Alicia always has good taste in men.

    As always, it warms my heart to see Sam with a baby. He just looks so natural with kids.

  3. Jared was a download from lynellef from my call for volunteers for the other blog He is cute, which is why he was chosen. In the other game, he's not in any of the homes any more but he is around, his housemates know about his career.

    I was wondering the same thing when Celia popped up the Sammy thought bubble. I froze the scene and spent some time looking for the best angle but there wasn't a really fantastic one for that. I still took a picture because it's sweet that Sammy catches her attention still.

    I was so pleased when Sammy wanted a baby with Thomas after getting home. And that adopting a baby fills the want.

  4. Regarding Celia looking at Sammy. It's sweet but a little sad, too. As if she knows what she's missing this go around. :)

  5. True, it is a bit sad. Especially when you know that Sammy can be very happy with Celia and they have lovely children together. Poor Celia, I don't think she's found anyone she likes in the neighborhood yet.

  6. Maybe she'll find someone. Maybe not. Maybe she'll just pine away for Sam!

  7. Yes, maybe she will and maybe she won't.

    I'm about to boot the game. I might break one of my Sammy rules and leave his house long enough to get some of these couples with children married. If I had one or two unmarried, that would be kind of realistic. But none of them are and that bothers me.

  8. *nods* Story progression can be frustrating. Sometimes it feels as if it's not doing a darn thing. And I never know what it takes to jump start it.

  9. Well, I moved Jon, Tanya and Dom to a bigger home. And they rewarded me with a second baby, a girl named Candy.

    Alicia and Jared have a girl called Jaime.

  10. Oh, and in this storyline, I have never had a chance to use a "try for baby" button. :) Though if Sims 3 is like Sims 2, Sammy could have tons of babies with most of his female friends if he really wanted to. A Sim friend can be a Sim love in just a couple of clicks.

  11. The wedding fairy has made a pass through the neighborhood and made a few of the couples official. Somehow forgot about Jerod and Kathryn and their 3 little ones.

    And discovered that not only is there one gay couple in town, but there was a lesbian couple as well. That was very unexpected, since I never had a female flirt with another girl at all. More guys together would not have surprised me, not with Thomas around.

    Plus at least 2 Sims actually had multiple romantic interests. Never had any of them do that during the free will game that I've noticed.

    Poor Leighton S was deleted by the game. His son Sam has a grayed out dad with no traits. Just gone.

  12. Oh! Who is the lesbian couple? And multiple romantic interests? Wow. Your game is hopping!!

    Weird about Leighton. At least Sam has his Grams.

  13. Awwwwwwww :)

    Btw, I don't know if my game had a glitch but the last freewill one I did when I got Jean Simmons to adopt a kid in her old age, the social worker never delivered the baby like the stork... next thing the baby was just on the floor in the lounge?

  14. Might have been a glitch, this was my first adoption in Sims 3 so I'm not very experienced with how it goes. But the guys are very very happy with life.


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