Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy Clone 8 (part 5)

Mum, I know you'll love the pictures of our special day.  We rented The Old Pier on our day off and had a wedding party.

The party is beginning to gather.  This is Alicia Longshore, she's gained a bit of weight since she got a job in cuisine.

The sun was starting to set as we moved toward the shore

Isn't it just such a lovely location

Our friends gathered to watch

Finally we exchanged rings

And finished with a big kiss.

Our wedding party was epic, everyone had a great time. 

So Thomas is now Thomas Grant.  We are both so happy.  He's still my boss, I wonder if work will care.


  1. Again, OMG, Alicia must be tasting everything in the restaurant. LOL. Correction, eating everything in the restaurant. Wonder if there is anything left for the customers?

    That is a beautiful wedding. I hope they will be very happy together and that being married doesn't cause problems at work.

    I see pregnants. At least I think I do.

  2. The pier is such a lovely location for a sim wedding. And such a big turnout for the party!

    I never would have known that was Alicia if you hadn't said something!

    Yay for Sammy and Thomas!

  3. I had to roll the cursor over Alicia a couple of times, just to check. Although I do recognise the hairstyle and dress -- from a previous marriage of Thomas's. LOL

    Chrysame, the group for the wedding was actually a bit bigger. I forgot to snap the rest of them.

    The party was set to start at 5 pm, and I hadn't realised that I'd get a lovely sunset over the ocean by the time we moved to the main event.

    Sammy and Thomas were maxed out on happy for days from all of this. :)

  4. Wedding parties can be so much fun. I was told that Sims 2 had an actual Wedding Arch and a cake for the event? I wish we had those things in Sims 3.

  5. Yes, I have some pics of Sims 2 getting married and they did have a wedding arch and a cake.

    The wedding arch was great because you knew exactly where they'd get married.

    The first wedding arch I can find in my photobucket/Sims 2 account

    Samuel and Jacorida getting married

  6. So they automatically went to the arch to say their vows. That would be wonderful. It's so hard to maneuver them to the right spot without them being distracted by a guest/sprinkler/food/music, etc.

    And what a dress Jacorida is wearing! Thanks for digging up the pic. The arch looks great. Why didn't they give us that in Sims 3?! Darn it.

  7. Not quite automatic, you had to click the arch and "Get married". They would go to the arch and wait for the guests to move to the area. Oh, and a couple like Sam and Thomas would be "Joined union" not married. Sam and Thomas got married in Sims 3. :-)

    Jacorida had good taste in formal clothes. She loves playing piano and changes into that dress when she plays. (Freetime EP and a maxed out hobby in music)

    I must use my Sims 2 blog and post more about my families and post those pics. I have tons of stories yet untold.

  8. That arch would sure come in handy in Sims 3. I don't like that joined union thing, though. Sims 3 is an improvement in that regard.

    Speaking of untold stories, I need to update Lessen Plans.

  9. So will Worsie actually continue to here? This is the question.

  10. o.O LOL @ Alicia :) She is proberbly in charge of the 12 course taste menu *wink*

    What a beautiful wedding! I actually said "awww" out loud!

  11. I'm glad you thought it was a lovely wedding. I was so pleased that the water was so pretty that day.


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