Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - June 15

Finally home again. After a strenuous trip, it's always good to relax.

I claimed a reward for that massage

And got slightly carried away

It was definitely love

Rachel seems pretty happy with the idea

And so we prepare for a new sort of adventure

Rachel said yes so we will soon be married

About to marry the most gorgeous woman in the world

Definitely the best part

I was a bit breathless after that


  1. Awww, a beach wedding! So pretty, I still have to do one of those.

  2. Oh yes, that massage does it every time.
    LOL at him jumping into her arms. That just cracks me up everytime I see the guys doing that.
    Now Rachel got "the" man. There was no way to resist accepting that ring while looking at him in his undies and knowing he was wearing the Panda shirt.
    Perfect timing on those wedding bell thought bubbles. The beach wedding is just beautiful.
    I see Jon is heading straight for them. Must want to be the first to "kiss the bride". ;D

    Better watch out Jon. Sammy won't take kindly to that.

  3. LOL, I did not even notice Jon in the background!

    Shame on me what a bad groupie I am!

  4. Yay, wedding pictures! When Sam makes up his mind that he wants something he gets it.

    Of course, Jon is going to congratulate the happy couple. He'll probably congratulate Rachel a bit more but who could blame him?!

  5. I fear that when they were in the bed, they had been doing an activity like woohoo but with other consequences. :) So I felt obligated for Sam to get a move on and make sure that we had a wedding before those consequences ruined the formal wear.

    What girl could resist her man in undies, including cute panda shirt, asking her to marry him? Obviously not Rachel.

    Jon didn't get much of a chance to kiss the bride. The groom wouldn't let her go.

  6. Oh, forgot to mention. Post patch and WA

    a) declared couples are moving in together and
    b) I have a lesbian couple without starting it off in any way. Emma Hatch has moved in with Working Friends, I've never worked out which is which so I don't know who her girlfriend is. But they do have the couple stance in Edit Town mode.

  7. I've had the same experience with story progression in my Marta/Wyatt game. I've had lesbian couples, bi-Sims and couples moving in together without any intervention. I have not had any gay male couples, though.

    Could Emma's girlfriend be Tamara Donner?

    Marta and Wyatt also had another phone call telling them that a friend died in a fire. Plus, I had a drowning announced. That's also new.

  8. I had sims flirt with other sims of the same sex even before the patch. That Tamara, whatever her last name was, was flirting with Tanya in a previous game. A long time ago I saw a female flirting with another female outside the mausoleum. Never knew who they were though, and the flirtee didn't go for it.

    I love finding couples moving in together on their own. I've been wanting that for so long.

  9. That's her last name. Donner.

  10. No, Emma moved out of the house with Tamara in it. Tamara is now the girlfriend of Stiles, according to the neighborhood pic. Emma moved next door, the house with Tori, Aneysha, ... those girls.

    BTW - Those of you who play Tammy should show Tammy's mom Tamara a little respect. LOL

    Wow, Chrysame, your game is really culling the neighborhood. I've yet to get any of those phone calls.

  11. Tamara is the girlfriend of Stiles in my game as well. The game is killing off random sims and moving a few new ones in as well. It's been pretty active which I'm enjoying. Still no male gay couples but I keep looking now that I know the game will do that on it's own now.

    Tammy's mom was Tamara?!! I had no idea! Tammy looks like her father. Actually, in my game Monika is the one making the rounds. She had a thing with Bebe Hart, crushed on Wyatt and is now living with Leighton Sekemoto.

  12. Yippeeeeeeeeeeee!
    I am lying here on a bed trying to nap, in an absolute coma of turkey and pie, I can barely keep my eyes open, but I just HAD to see "my" update. I'm so happy for them.

    LOL at them taking turn jumping into each other's arms.

    Lovely wedding.

  13. Whew. I've never played Tammy. :D
    I haven't received any calls yet.
    I did receive a pop up the other day stating, I believe it was Justin Long, had managed to secure a warrant for the criminal warehouse.
    No toddler deaths yet.

  14. Tamara and Thomas have two daughters and 3 sons. Their daughters are Tracy and Tammy Leman. Their sons (not on the exchange) are Ted, Tim and Terry. Ted has Tamara's nose ++. Don't know how Tim and Terry will grow.

    Those pics ended up on the photobucket account, which I've decided will remain for Sims 2 and keep Sims 3 separate. Damn, I was just looking at the Trevor and Winston Landgraab...I have to play Sims 2 this weekend.

    LOL Sue, yes, this is YOUR update. You get to see a very happy Rachel with her drop dead gorgeous Indiana Sam.


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