Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - June 10

Rachel and I have decided to travel to France and get better acquainted

Well, that was the plan but the call of adventure was too much. I agreed to retrieve a special item for one of the locals. So it's back into caves for me.

This wall is suspicious

Thought so

Let's see if I step here

And inspect this hole

I have got to spend *way* more time in the gym

Stupid pile of rocks.

Ah, now that is better

Finally, major treasure

I was going to ask Rachel what her holiday had been like but

When she finished the nap, we went home

On the way home, I found out that Rachel was exhausted because she had been exploring the Museum. As it turns out, there was some hidden areas and she found the remains of a curator who had accidentally trapped himself. We've moved in together and I'll have more chances to get to know her.


  1. Wow, WA looks so cool! Pity that Sammy didn't get to know *wink wink* Rachel on their trip LOL

  2. Never fear, he does. I have previously mentioned a baby bump and you don't those with platonic relationships.

    So far WA is proving much more interesting then Bon Voyage. The destinations in Bon Voyage only had a few things to do and you could pretty much get the list in 3 days, barring the secret lots and some other things were a bit of luck too. WA seems to have way more per location.

  3. Oh my. Indiana Sam just looks better and better. The picture of Rachel napping with Sam sitting next to her was very sweet.

  4. :) Rachel needed that nap so she didn't arrive home utterly exhausted. I told Sammy to read, I think that's the photography book. He picked the spot to read by himself. And yes, it was very sweet he wants to stay close to her.

  5. Because I'm so wary of sending one member of my household overseas now, I used the buydebug cheat to put in the martial arts training dummy and blocks in the gym. I also built Marta and Wyatt a small studio with basement to hold their own athletic equipment including the MA stuff.

    I'm saving the new gym in my library so I'll always be able to have the MA stuff available for all the Sims. It should be interesting to go to the gym and see who is using the equipment.

    I'll satisfy my WA adventuring with my non-blogged Sim and with Indiana Sam and his Rachel. :)

  6. Hmm, where oh where are Dee and Sue? I shouldn't post the next update without them... :) Sue is going to die over the next one.

  7. I'm here, *waves hand in air*. I thought I commented. I must have forgotten to click post. I love the update.The more I see the more I want WA. I'm still undecided though.
    Sammy is manly anyway, but with those clothes, he's

  8. *coughs* It's me, Sue, I am here! Please post the next bit. *coughs* I hope she bought it. Whew.

  9. ROFL Chrysame. Oh, I'm sure that fooled her.

  10. Will the real Sue D Nim please stand up? Pun intended.

    I want more Sam and Rachel!! :)

  11. Yes, that was a very convincing Sue. :) Totally real. LOL

  12. BTW - I do love the Sue D Nim pun and always have since I first read it.

  13. Chrysame, did the basement tool give you glitches?

    Clever idea witht the martial arts training equipment. LOL, I would love to see their faces when the simmies see it at the gym.

  14. I only had a basement glitch if I tried putting a basement under a foundation. Other than that it was easy peasy.

  15. OH... so if it is a flat house then it is fine?

    Still no sign of WA in stores here:(


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