Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy Clone 8 (part 2)

Hi Mum,

I had a bit of excitement at my house the other night,  I had a burglar.  The police came but the burglar got away with my tv set.  That was so depressing, I miss my tv.  And no insurance either so if I want to replace it, I need to use most of my cash.

This is one of my co-workers, Clover.  He's such a pale skinny dude that I thought I'd try getting him fired up for some exercise.  It would do him a lot of good to get out of the lab.

I noticed Kristen Zaney was looking very pregnant so I asked about her partner.  She's the girlfriend of Jon

Hmm, that must be Jon Marsh because Jon Lessen seems to have a girlfriend too

I asked Thomas over so I could try for an early promotion.  He gave it to me too.

Here's a funny pic of me, the science geek.  Really, me a geek?


  1. I think that Jon Marsh has pretty consistently been one of the first dads that I find in the neighborhood. For a dude with commitment issues, he seems to be a little too fond of baby making. LOL

  2. This is so good. Jon M does seem to love making those babies and is usually a good daddy. It just seems the only time that commitment issue kicks in is when we want him to marry someone.

    Awww, Thomas has a good heart. He knew Sammy really needed the extra money after he was robbed.

    There is just something about the way Jon Lessen looks at the girls that make your heart melt.

    LOL at Sammy in those highwaters.

  3. Yep, Jon M loves making babies and is pretty good at raising them. Just watch out when you ask him to marry. :-)

    Sammy the geek, it is so funny to see him in his work clothes.

    BTW - this time I'm trying to keep the letters shorter and not those epic updates.

  4. I like the epic ones. Probably because I'm so verbose myself.

    Good to see Sammy back.

  5. :-) Well, verbose does have it's place but Sammy is supposedly writing home a bit more regularly.

    Besides, I'm trying to build some tension here. Not that it's working but I'm trying.

  6. You're building the tension alright. I still don't know who has caught Sam's attention!

  7. BTW, for some reason I find Sam even more attractive when he geeks out.

  8. Chrysame, I agree, geeky Sammy is pretty darned cute.

    Though I have yet to find Sammy unattractive except when he's been attacked by zombie bears.

    Please people, get this right. Nerd= People that are obsessed with academic and science stuff, geek= people obsessed with stuff like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.


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