Monday, November 9, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 8 (part 8)

Hey Mum, would you believe that you are almost up to date with my life now?

Our son Tommy grew to be a fine boy

I've changed careers, say hi to your son Doctor Sam Grant.  The medical profession has much longer hours than the science career, I hope it will be worth it.  At least no one can complain that I'm sleeping with my boss.  My new boss, Geoffrey Landgraab is an old friend so we do get along well.

And after two days, they put me in the Trauma Center.

There seemed to be this odd day where lots of couples got engaged and tied the knot.  First hit was Tanya and Jon, now the Lessen family.  Isn't their little girl cute?  Her name is Candy

Jared and Alicia did the same.  Sorry Mum, I'm sure we'll get a decent pic of the baby someday

When I had the boss over, I couldn't resist bragging about our son

And the big news?  Well, Thomas decided that he really wanted another baby.  So here is our darling little princess, Cindy (short for Cinderella).

I'm glad I'm in medicine now. A few times Thomas has brought home fish from work and I'm a bit worried about what experiments they were used in. I know that science expects you to be a guinea pig from time to time, I had this one that left me afraid of everything for 2 days.


  1. Aw, how sweet he looks with Cindy.

    "now no one can complain that I'm sleeping with my boss" LOL

  2. Better be careful about eating those fish. Who knows what might be in them.

    Yep, it's time for someone to invite Alicia to the gym and teach her what exercise is all about. 'laughing' Once again, I never would have recognized her. She looks like that sim from the roomies house. I saw her in the album and didn't realise it was her.

    Candy is so cute and Sammy is so pleased to have that little girl.

  3. A little girl! Yay! Such a happy family. I cracked up at the "no one can complain that I'm sleeping with my boss" line. Heehee.

    Sammy looks great in scrubs.

  4. Sammy has taught me the importance of being friends with your boss in this story. If he ends the day nearly promoted, he can ask his boss over and ask for promotion. Soon after he bragged about the boy, he was asking Geoffrey for another promotion and got it. So he went from level 6 in science to level 5 in medicine and is already level 7 in medicine.

    And one of the interactions for a few days after he switched jobs was to Boast about being a Doctor, which is why he had to boast to his Mum. :)

    Dee, you're right. Alicia does look like Emma Hatch with all that extra weight. Sammy has a few days off so he may be hitting the gym a bit.

  5. Yay - Jon Lessen... lol :)
    Besides for that, congrats Sammy and Thomas with the new baby!

    Tommy grew up cute :)

  6. Yeah, everyone has to have Jon in their game. It's just required. :)


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