Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - June 8

8 June

Now that I'm back, I need to work on my people skills. 

This is Rachel, she's also interested in archaeology

Next thing you know, I feel such an attraction for Rachel

I think she might just like me to


  1. Aw, just look at them. They're so perfect together! :) :)

  2. You happy? One of your Sims finally fell under Sammy's charms. Next up must be Dee's turn. :)

  3. I can just see them having a great time under the stars of France.
    LOL at that pic of Rachel in his arms. Yes, I would say she likes you Sammy.
    I see Zayne is in the music career. I was surprised when she joined law enforcement in my game.

    Sam will be the first one up in my next post. I'm going in order of the visits. I as always have a list for the rotation so I don't leave anyone out.

  4. I'm a sucker for the leap in arms romantic gesture. It just looks right for Sammy and his Rachel. Lucky Sue and soon to be lucky Dee! That's all right, Celia had her Sammy! Plus, I have my game with Sammy and Abby and their kids.

    The Sim that seems to really have varied careers in my game is Tammy Leman. She recently surprised the heck out of me.

    I can't wait to see Rachel and Sam explore Egypt! The Mummy movies are one of my guilty pleasures.

  5. At that point in time, I didn't ask Rachel to do that. She just did. LOL, must be love.

    Looking forward to what Sam is doing in your game Dee.

    Chrysame, it's fascinating to watch Tammy in other games since she is one of my first born in games. But it's going to be a bit before Rachel and Sam hit Egypt. She wants to go back to France and he wants to go back to China.

  6. BTW - the pics for the next journal entry are ready. Either I needed to go for a nice long and involved one which would have taken much longer to write or a short one to show everyone Indiana Sam and Rachel getting together. I decided on the short one last night just to get those pics of Sam and Rachel falling in love.

  7. As soon as I get through all the emails, I'll post again.

  8. Hey PiB, I saw Ms. Tammy in mmmcheezy225's blog. Thought I would let you know.

  9. Actually, I've been by and noticed but still haven't left any comments.


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