Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 8 (part 4)

So where was I last time?  Oh, yes, you are probably dying to know who I'm going steady with.

Well, Mum, I did tell you I invite Thomas over in the evening

What I didn't tell you was he usually spends the night.

I love him dearly but Thomas is a flirty fellow.  I notice that he's always asking the guys if they are still single

So I decided I had better find out if he was serious about our relationship.  Going steady was the first step.  He didn't hesitate a moment either.

Once we were steady, I knew it was just right for me.  So I proposed to Thomas

Then I asked him to move in.  So now he's just mine.

I think he's even hotter with that beard.  Wow.

As you'd expect of any new couple, we are doing everything together

Well, that's the big news for today.  But tomorrow is our wedding day.  I'm sure you wish us well Mum.

And in the next post, the most beautiful wedding I've had in Sims 3.


  1. Yes!!! Ha! He WAS looking at Sam with the heart bubble thought! Victory is mine! Great payoff. Yes, yes, yes!

  2. :) Yeah you rat, you did pick it up. I was hoping to get away with it.

  3. Just as a note, I decided they better go steady before Thomas did too much more flirting. I'd seen him do the ask if single to several other guys. who knows what he got up to when we didn't see him. Once I did that, Sam really quickly did pop up a want to propose marriage and for them to move in together.

    As a further note, if you don't want half the town turning gay, do NOT use a flirty Sim. Thomas was certainly trying to get a few more boyfriends once he started. :)

  4. Heehee. Flirty sims can be very dangerous. They can't help but flirt no matter how happy they might be in a relationship. It could get very interesting.

    I wonder if they'll adopt? Sam is such a good daddy! I have to say I really like the way Thomas looks with the beard. Niiiiiice.

  5. Sam was just chatting to his friend, a pregnant Alicia Longshore. He came away inspired to have a baby with Thomas.

  6. Alicia's pregnant! She makes such pretty babies. I'm hoping she and my Mick get together in my Klepto game.
    How is it that which each post you make about Sam, I like him more and more?

    You're making me want to play!!! Must resist and get some things done around the house...

  7. You like Sam more and more because he's a hot guy with personality.

    You wouldn't think of it with those combination of traits but he's extremely fond of family. He has absolutely adored each Sim I've paired him up with. And he loves children. I've seen him put their needs way above his more than once now.

  8. OMG, talk about a twist! I remember seeing the heart bubble but didn't know who he was looking at. They are going to be sooooo happy together....or at least I think they are. Now PiB is going to becomes attached to the adopt button.:)

    I do love the beard.

    Alicia's pregnant. ohhh, now I'm wondering by who.

    I got excited and forgot the letter was to mum.

    Mum is so happy for her little Sammy and can't wait to become a grandmum. Mum sends all the best wishes in the world. Mum knows that her little grands will be taken very good care of with the wonderful daddies they will have.

  9. They are very happy with each other. Sam hasn't had a single complaint about anything to do with Thomas.

    As for Alicia, well, we will get to her in due course. The blog is still a few days behind what I've just done in game.

    Poor Sammy, just think how many times he's already made his mum a grandmum. There was Sam with the gold digger. Then Cedric, Sally and Sandy with the lovely Celia. Yet somehow he had no family again?

  10. Mum's getting old and forgets.:D

    It's the magic of simsworld.

  11. Boy oh boy, I did NOT see that coming.

    The beard looks good.

  12. Well, I knew Dee hadn't tweaked because after the previous post she wanted to know if Sammy's girl would take care of him. :) I wasn't sure how any one else was doing.

    Now you guys do know I mean it when I say that in a Sammy story, your Sim may be called on for *any* part including Sammy's love. While he will have more girlfriends then boyfriends, there will be boyfriends. But on the first time, it was either a pre-made Sim or Thomas and Thomas just happened to be his boss...perfect.

  13. Oh, and thanks to everyone for commenting on Thomas's new beard. I thought he was looking really cute with the extra fuzz.

  14. Thomas looks great with the new beard! LOL talk about a twist indeed!

    They look so cute together though, I love the reading together shot... you can almost feel that 'comfortable silence' between them.

  15. Always glad to see some diversity in the world of sims stories.


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