Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 8 (part 3)

I thought you'd love some more gossip from the neighborhood.

Doesn't time go quickly?  Here is Tanya with her toddler.  I don't think Tanya and Jon Lessen bothered to get married yet.  Sorry Mum, I keep forgetting the baby's name. 

Here's Jerod with his oldest child. I think she'll be quite pretty when she grows.

Would you believe that Jerod and Kathryn have 3 children?

I was chatting to Kristen about exercise, a topic I love.  I think the guy walking by is Mick Lessen - funny he has the same last name as Jon, isn't it?

This determined looking youngster is Raven Zaney - daughter of Kristen and Jon Marsh.

I've been working in the garden a lot, plus learning to repair stuff.

I still prefer to socialise, I get out as much as I can.

Oh, and Mum, I should tell you that I'm going steady.  

Opps, work just rang, there's an emergency at the Science Lab.  I have to go.  Tell you more soon.


  1. "Opps, work just rang..."

    You are a cruel, cruel woman. *laughs*

  2. I agree, she is a cruel woman. ;) I'm enjoying every minute of this cruelty.

    Love the pics, especially the toddlers. I just can't seem to get enough of them.

    Mum, is so glad you are taking the time to get out and meet people, but mum wants to know who she is. Can she cook? Mum wants you to have a nice girl who will take good care of her little Sammy. :) Don't tell Mum that you're not little anymore. You'll always be Mum's little Sammy.

  3. You know I have sometimes referred to this as the "Be Cruel to Sammy" blog. I knew that this episode was the "Cruel to Sammy's fans" episode.

    Obviously we will finally get to the truth of who has captured Sammy's heart in the next post.

  4. I've been meaning to ask about the house in the picture with the Marshes. I've seen it a lot in your Sam stories and I know I've used it once or twice. I can't remember which house it is and it's driving me batty. Yes, more than usual.

    I'm working on getting my klepto story up and running. I'm having a difficult time finding my "hook". I'll just have to hope inspiration strikes.

  5. LOL that IS cruel.

    Nice to see Sammy again.

    I really love that shot of Raven. You got the angle just perfect.

  6. Would you guys believe that I did laugh as I typed those last couple of lines? I could hear the howls of protest on the winds even though no one was online when I posted it.

    Chrysame, every time I go to take a pic at the Marsh place, I think of Celia and Sammy with those twins. I believe it's one of the corner houses near City Hall. I know it's just a standard home in Sunset Valley. I haven't downloaded houses and only used cheap prebuilts over in Riverview.

  7. *taps her foot* I'm still waiting...


    I'm hoping to find out who is Sam's romantic interest very soon and who is pregnant in Dee's game! And, I have no doubt you both have other surprises in store.

    *taps foot* Still waaaiting...

    And I did howl when I read those last lines. *laughs*

  8. Patience is a virtue and it's work time here. No Sammy updates for hours and hours...

    I would say days even, but that would be too cruel, even for me.

  9. How did you get that pic of Raven? I can never get down that low.
    My work day ended a little over an hour ago. It always feels so good to be home.

  10. The anticipation will make the reveal sweeter.

  11. Dee, first put it in camera mode (Tab)
    Then you hit q a few times until the camera is down at toddler eye level.
    Press tab again to get out of camera mode.

    Chrysame, I hope that's true. I couldn't resist teasing you one more time.

  12. You make me giggle, PiB.

    I knew about (tab) but I didn't know about the q trick. Excellent.

  13. Tab then
    q -> camera down
    w -> camera forward
    e -> camera up
    a -> camera left
    d -> camera right

    z and x do something too but I can't remember what just now.

  14. Thanks Pib, if it wasn't for you I would still be blogging without pics at all. You have taught me so much about all this.

    Now to watch for another Sammy letter. Mum wants to know more about her little Sammy.

  15. z ->zoom in
    x ->zoom out

    LOL! I know I am reading this late but thanks for leaving me hanging! grrr, at least I know I can go find out who the gf is in 60 seconds lol


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