Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 36 (part 2)

Forgot to sent you a photo of my first client, Buck Green. At least he paid well for my efforts, even if it just didn't seem that important to me. Honestly, chat room rivalries aren't that big a deal.

Tried another stakeout but failed big time here. Forgot to check and see if there was anyone hanging around first and I'm sure this was *way* too obvious a place for this to work. Ah well, no harm done.

Finally sleep. I didn't think I'd ever escape Tatianna and her rants.

"Can't you clean up after yourself."

"How dare they not recognise my brilliance at work?"

"Don't you dare leave without giving me a minimum of 3 months rent. I won't be shafted twice."

Shut up, woman. Cope. No wonder she has so few friends and so many enemies around town.

Another day, another client. Young Bradley Kane is upset because his mouthwash is missing. He blames his big brother.

Siblings, do they ever get along? Brad says he'll pay well for his mouthwash back.

So I traveled to the Kane house. They live well, must have a fair amount of money.

I chatted to Travis for a bit. Then I hit him with a bribe of $25 to hand over the mouthwash.

He gave it to me gladly. He said he only hide it from Brad for a joke. But his brother has no sense of humour.

Brad may not have a sense of humour but he certainly pays well when his mouthwash was returned. I think he spent 10 times more paying me than it would have cost to get more mouthwash. The Kane's must give their boys way too much allowance.

The next day, I went over to the police station. I met some of the cops, did some of their paper work. Nothing like getting your paperwork done for you to put you in a good mood. I'm sure that I'll get some good tips from the cops if I stay on their good side.

New job, this woman thinks people are conspiring against her. I think she might be a bit insane. But money is money.

Damn, I hate chess problems. I'd rather beat someone up, or run around a tomb getting stuck in traps. I'm brawn not brain. Next time, I'll challenge someone at the park, at least I can make a friend while I bust my poor brain.

Ah well, that's the quick update. Hope things are good with you.


  1. Hahaha! Brad! Hiring a PI to find out who stole your mouthwash... How very Kane-like of you.

    Hey, if the Kane's had the money, they'd buy those kids whatever the heck they wanted. Even pet PI's. :P I had to chuckle at Travis's outfit, at that angle he looks like he has a beer belly. Brad sure looks cute, though.

    Don't you love how the PI hat changes the length of your hair constantly? I swear that was so annoying, when Jeb hit the stage it made his hair longer.

    Sammy may not be having a ton of fun, but I'm having a lot of fun reading about him! I really loved this post. Especially the mentions of Tatianna. Poor Sammy. Teeeee hehehehe. ^^

  2. I thought you'd get a particular joy in Sammy's second case. I laughed when it was Brad accusing Travis of mouthwash theft.

    Since this is the end of Season 2 Kane family, they have *piles* of money to indulge any want. They could buy a pet Sammy, but they haven't offered yet.

    If I see Travis again, he'll get a new outfit just for you.

    Sammy looks odd in the PI hat. He always looked great to me in the Indiana Sam hat, but this one...not so much. :)

  3. Travis does look a little soft in that shot. Brad had his brother's number from an early age. That must have been pretty important mouth wash.

    "Shut up woman. Cope." Hilarious.

  4. It's one of those things that looked ok in CAS and not so ok in the game. :)

    Poor Brad, he has always had a big brother he had to watch out for.


    BTW - the other promised post is up.

  5. Only have a few minutes this morning but wanted to comment.
    I see Sammy is getting a lot of work. In mine it was the Broke kid always calling for those little things. I like seeing it is Bradley in your game.
    I love those Bribes. :D

    I love the way they hide behind those bushes to stake out a place.

    On to the next while I still have time.

  6. He hasn't had many jobs yet but the Kane family could afford to employ him as often as the boys want. The bribe was a quick way to settle it. If Sam gets up to his usual level of charm, he won't need bribes any more.

    The bushes are typical Sim silliness. Oh yeah, I don't see the bushes moving around and Sam behind...righttttt. :)

  7. How did I miss this one?! It's a great post. Lol, so funny when Brad asked a detective to find his mouthwash and that Travis was the one who actually stole it for a joke.

  8. Thanks MJ. Brad hiring a detective for mouthwash was very silly. I'm sure he could have bought more for less.


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