Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 36 (Part 6)

Another day, hopefully another few dollars to earn.

Had a hair cut and some new clothes, you should always look your best. Except I should have more coffee before leaving the house. I'm always grumpy if I don't have enough coffee.

Scout has a small job for me to fix her reputation around town. I have a feeling after discussing the matter with others that most of the problem was in Scout's mind. Almost no one had a clue what I might be talking about. I did convince some people to ignore any rumours they heard about Scout and earned my fee. Scout was pleased with my efforts.

I was also called about a burglary. I went around to question the usual suspects.

Cat denied all knowledge of the theft. She claims to have seen someone with tattoos leaving the scene. I'm not sure I believe Cat, she did try to steal stuff from us.

I interviewed another few people and the tattoos are the only thing that stands out in the description.

Tatianna is still hung up on Theo. He even seems to enjoy her company both in and out of bed.

I think Theo's next career should be lion tamer. He's already got a lot of practice under his belt.

In an effect to find the thief, I did some surveillance work. Didn't find out about the theft but the police will want to know about what I did find.

I spent time rummaging through trash.

And rummaging through recycling. Still haven't found any clues as to the thief. Instead of breaking my back and busting my brain, I went off to do other stuff.

I met the author Anna-Liza Riddle-Walker. We were having a nice chat about this and that when she told me something very very interesting.

She told me about how her husband Wyatt Riddle-Walker left her. He just rang up one day to say it was over and never went back, not even for his stuff.

I asked her a few questions about the matter. Did she report it? No, he is young still, he probably just found someone new who was more his age. Did she ask his work friends? No, he works in the warehouse and she didn't want to talk to that bunch. Anything else odd? Well, she did expect an address to post at least his school trophies and stuff but she hasn't heard a single thing since he rang.

Wait, what was that Maggie said about her first boyfriend?

I don't know what's going on in this town, but I think this calls for some very serious investigation.


  1. Oh noes! The men are disappearing. First Ollie and now Wyatt. I can't believe Wyatt married Anna. Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt. I'm sure Anna is a lovely woman but not for you.

    It's very nice seeing Sammy in his vest, again. All is right in the Sammy Sim World.

    Theo and Tat are still happy together. Whatever she's selling, he's buying and vice versa.

  2. And now we get to the meat of this Sammy story. The guys are disappearing.

    I had to have Sam wear the vest now that I can again.

    Theo is insane, brave and absent minded. No wonder he can cope with Tat, he just goes off to his happy place from time to time.

  3. What happened to those men?
    Hi PiB, Sammy has nice new hair cut now. Glad that you are able to use store content again.
    Theo, phew, he sure is a lion tamer.

  4. Wyatt married Anna??

    Anna is lovely as an elder sim, but I agree with Chrysame.

    Actually, I was a bit surprised to see Anna. Her hat and the way she dressed, the purple color. When I saw her at Dave's wedding party, I thought she was Ms. Ivy, Lol and the graveyard's name in Twinbrook is Ivy. The good thing is that it reminds me to continue the story again.

    What did Sammy find when he did the surveillance work? I'm wondering.

  5. :D From the look on Sammy's face when he was heading for work, I have to agree. He needs another cup of coffee. I know how you feel Sammy. One is just not enough.

    I see Anna as one of those sweet little old ladies who should be wearing a red hat so she can be part of the Red Hat Club. Shame on Wyatt for leaving her that way. Can't blame her for not wanting to go to his place of business.

    Well, at least Sammy doesn't get bad moodlets when he rummages. :D Doesn't bother him a bit.

    New hair and his Sammy vest is back. Woohoo!

    Since Theo is absent minded he will always forget about how Tatianna yelled at him and tried to scare him to death. :) He'll just keep on loving her and she him.

  6. Hey MJ, what did happen to the men? That's what Sam is going to be working on, very intensely. A PI never tells you what he finds during surveillance, just the police.

    @Dee, my mum once sent a poem that ended with a 90 year old woman just puts on a purple hat and goes. Anna reminds me of that. Closest I could find was

    New hair and old vest. Sammy is ready to rock.

    So far, so good for Theo and Tat. I'll leave them alone and see how they go. Being insane you don't know when he'll wear what outfit.

  7. Thank you PiB. I used to have that poem and lost it. Now I have it again.

  8. I love Sammy's haircut! And wow, I'm shocked that Theo managed to tame Tat. What an interesting pair.

  9. Sam does look really good with that haircut. It makes me so happy to see his vest. :)

  10. Cheezy, I don't think Theo is anywhere near taming Tat. Tat has asked Theo to move in but I'm leaving them alone for the most part. Between absent minded and insane, Theo is difficult to handle. :)

    First time Sam's ever had a new hair cut in my game. He did deserve a change at long last.

  11. Hm!!! Disappearing men, hmm? Oooo, sounds sketchy. :-O I can't wait to see how Sammy gets to the bottom of that one.

    Although, I'm still kinda snorting with laughter at the thought of Anna-Liza with Wyatt... Lawl. ;D

    Theo and Tat must really have a thing for each other, because they are like constantly in each others' presence! Well, at least we know SOMEone in the multiverse is capable of being around her for long periods of time. Though I still bawk at the idea of her and Armando. Now if THAT isn't a pair that makes no sense... ;D Haha.

    Hmmm. I keep wanting to blame Tat, but I think that's just residue from the fact that she was teh Evil One in my own story, I keep seeing her as the antagonist everywhere else. I wonder... Hm.

    This'll be fun to see play out.

    Random: Anna Liza is one of the goofiest looking Sims ever. EA had some fun playing with genetics in this EP...

  12. Anna and Wyatt, well, at least she was rich!

    I'll keep an eye on Tat and Theo but they'll have to move on their own a lot. Tat does keep wanting to woohoo with Theo so she really does think he's hot.

    What exactly are you trying to blame on Tat? :)

  13. Haha! Well, I'm glad that she found someone that she finds sexy that isn't a complete tool! Her dating life in my game has been very miserable. :(

    Mmm. Well. I blame her for everything! ;D The disappearances, in this case. However... I can't string together any sort of evidence to support that, so it's really just me overlaying what she's done in my game (blackmail goddess!) into your game. She's just gotta be evil somehow, ya know? ^^

  14. Getting to the heart of this story now.


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