Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 36 (Part 8)

I went to visit Maggie Net-Lessen again, to ask her some more questions. She wasn't home, Mick was though. So I briefly chatted to Mick about Maggie's first boyfriend and some of the other missing guys.

He got this really distant look on his face, then said that sounded very familiar. When he first moved to town, he had a housemate. Christian Montgomery. Christian went off to gym then he was going to work. He never came back. His girlfriend of the time, Cat,  visited once to ask why Christian rang to break up. Mick had no answers.

I asked a few more questions. Christian was in sports, not at too high a level. And Mick just never worried about where he'd gone. He's a grown man, capable of making his own decisions.

I went down to the stadium. I had a chat with the team coach and a few of the other players. They all remembered Christian. They all assumed that he had been recruited by another team and they'd be on opposite sides in a game sometime.

I did a bit of snooping around the stadium. I didn't learn anything more though.

So far I've found that Antonio, Ollie, Wyatt and Christian went missing. All relatively new in town, not people born here. All young, working on careers. There seemed to be no sign of anything wrong, but no one has any idea where they might be or what might have happened to them.

That's about as far as I got when I had a request from Meredith Kane to meet. I thought maybe the boys were playing stupid pranks on each other again. I was wrong.

Meredith had heard about my enquiries of missing men and she's worried. Jeb left home on Saturday and hasn't returned.

I started to ask her about filing a police report then she gave me a look. That special look women reserve for times when a man has said something particularly idiotic.

"The police would not be the least concerned about Jeb. If anything, they'd celebrate."

Oh yeah, I have seen him. In his work clothes. She has a point, the police are not going to be keen in looking for a master thief.

I asked her if she'd heard anything. Jeb does not fit the profile of the other missing guys. He's at the top of his profession, fully mature and they have kids.

She didn't have a chance to answer me. Her phone rang.

It was Jeb.

He was ringing to break up the marriage. Damn, that is not good. Not at all.

Meredith is beside herself with anxiety. Three kids at home and Jeb's just not the kind of guy to do this.

I asked if she had noticed anything unusual on Saturday.

"I was upstairs with Amelia and I thought I heard a woman's voice talking to Jeb."

"Recognise it?"

"No, I don't have any clue who it might have been."

"Do you think you might know the voice if you heard it again?"

"I doubt it. I was upstairs, and it was very faint. I'm just not sure."

I left Meredith with a promise that I'd concentrate on this. She offered a large amount of cash for the safe return of Jeb.

I hope I claim that money.


  1. Wow, great update, PiB! It's becoming a great mystery story now. I'm wondering about the woman who talked with Jeb.

    For a moment, I thought they were being kidnapped by aliens :D

  2. By the way, Mere looks beautiful with her hair and dress.

  3. Glad you are enjoying it MJ. So far, Sam's only clue is that Jeb was talking to a female, he has a lot to know before he discovers the truth.

    I'm quite enjoying doing makeovers with store content, now that I can finally use it again!

  4. !!!!!!!

    ... !!!!!!!!

    Ohemgee. My Jebby is missing! Breaking up with Meredith! There is clearly something vastly evil at work goin' on here. :-O Poor Meredith, you sweet thing you! Remember to breathe, sweetie! (Oh and yes, she does look quite fashionable!)

    This is amazing. So many twists! More disappearances! And all in common, except for Jeb -- why was he different than the others? Is he partly behind it, too? AaaaAaAaaAaagh you're killin' me.

    Can't wait for the next update! ;D

  5. A soft female voice... That seems to leave Tat out of the mix. Hmmm, Ripley? She was shown briefly. All the women are suspects!

    Ms. Scarlet in the Hall with the Wrench!

    You got the Dr. Pepper hair, PiB! It looks good on Mere.

    Are all the men in different fields? Criminal, Athlete...what else are they?

  6. Hey Kaleeko, yes, your Jebby is now on the missing list. And Meredith has no one to turn to but the local detective. The police just aren't going to be in a hurry to find him.

    Glad you like her outfit.

    I'm still working my way creating a tangled web for everyone to see. :)

  7. I did get the Dr Pepper hair and it works well on Mere.

    The victims: one cop, two crooks, one scientist and one athlete. Kind of a spread there.

  8. I agree, that hair looks great on Mere. :) It almost makes me tempted to use it on her in my game, but I'm saving it for Amelia.

    Aye, I don't think there'd be any cops willing to find Jeb. More 'Good riddance' than anything. I'm glad that Sammy is up to the chase, though! Mmmm, I can't wait to see what clues he finds, now.

    Hmm. I don't see much of a correlation between the careers, unless someone's putting together a group of men to steal something and develop something.. or... Oh heck, I have no idea. I'm guessing no correlation. Unless the scientist is doing experiments on them... :-O

    Now -- Who's the red herring?! Guess we'll have to wait and see.

  9. Love the hair on Meredith.
    And the suspense continues. I still think it has something to do with Tat and/or Theo or the little old lady.
    Oh. Wait. What about Ripley? Wasn't it Ripley who gave Sammy her phone number a while back. I haven't read anything about him calling her. Maybe that's why he is still safe? Maybe it's Ripely.

  10. I like Dee's theory - straight forward - it was Tat and Theo and the old lady and Ripley. :)

    I'm still thinking about the next part so Phillip will be updated next, not Sam

  11. *laughing* That's because there are so many who could be kidnapping them. I remember something about Cat but that seemed a little obvious.

  12. I'm sticking with the gnome did it.


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