Friday, September 10, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 36 (part 4)

A new case. Is it something stolen? Something missing?

No, Penny wakes with bruised toes and blames someone for banging on them while she sleeps. Damn it, doesn't anything interesting happen in this town?

Right, Tatianna and I finally agree to share the cost of house cleaning and what does she do? Go out and insult our new housecleaner.

She is such a nightmare to live with, first she insists on trying to fix the computer herself, which did not go well. And now we have hired help and she's keeping the guy from doing his job.

Hello, did you want to spend your precious spare time cleaning? Because I sure as hell ain't doing it. I don't care that he is one of your hated enemies, just let the dude work!

I went over to the science centre to talk to them about various things. I was particularly interested in how Twinbrook was built over a natural tunnel system and a miner might allow you shortcut access to parts of town. They told me that Oliver Mayweather was the chief investigator and gave me his address.

"He is a bit absentminded, could you suggest he comes to work when you see him?"

I said, "Sure, when I chat to him, I'll let him know."

 The hospital confirmed that Penny has all the signs of a sleep walker. She's getting up in the middle of the night and kicking her poor gnome.

I kept the gnome. I'm supposed to wrap it up so Penny won't hurt herself if she kicks it but if it's at my place, she won't be hurting her toes on it.

Three women chatting at night. Even if they are all legit, I'm sure to find out something juicy here.

Well, no, nothing juicy in the PI sense.  A bunch of who just got married, who just got engaged and a lot of "Can you believe that xx did yy?" Still, I found out a lot about this town.

Tat does have a couple of good friends at her workplace. She invited Theodore Ryan to dinner and there was romance in the air? She could give a guy enough of a break to flirt? And he was very happy to respond.

Frankly I'm torn between warning Theo off for his own good or cheering them on in the hopes that Tatianna will be a nicer person to live with if she has someone in her bed from time to time.

End of another long day, the end of another case. I'll make myself a quick meal then off for some serious sleep.


  1. :D Tatianna just can't help herself. That poor maid looks like he doesn't know whether to stick around or run for his life.

    Poor Ollie is still forgetting to go to work.

    Oooh, Tatianna and Theodore. Be careful there Theo. Best to stay on her good side. ;)

  2. The maid has poor timing. Tat already doesn't like him and he arrives just as she's fried herself.

    Sammy might be right. A good tumble might do Tat's mood a world of good.

    Is Sam having problems sleeping? Is all well in that area?

    Sam sure looks good in his suit. It's a shame he can't dress as nicely when he's on the job.

  3. Tatianna, you want a Sim to have an interesting housemate and you really have to use her. She is a shocker.

    Ollie is certainly absent-minded.

    When I was setting up to run this game, I had a guy in the bin Ryan. It wasn't till I put him in a house that I remembered grabbing Theodore from you.d He is the only best friend that Tat has. He's one of her coworkers and she generally gets on with them.

  4. I'm glad you put him in the game. Now maybe, as Sammy says, maybe, "Tatianna will be a nicer person to live with if she has someone in her bed from time to time."

  5. Sam is hoping a tumble or two and he'll have less trouble with Tat. At the moment, he's just careful to go off investigating when she's home from work. :)

    Sam has problems sleeping. Someone keeps making him get up cause she controls the keyboard and wants him doing stuff so he isn't allowed a full nights sleep. He needs a new keeper. LOL

    The detective outfit isn't as nice and I really dislike him having extra short hair from the hat!

  6. I'm glad Tat has someone she gets along with. Tatianna is a shocker? That's saying a lot. Heh.

  7. Poor Sammy, Tatianna on one side and a keeper who won't let him sleep on the other. Poor guy can't win for losing here. :)

  8. Well, I still do get amazed when I look at Tat's list of Sims she knows. I'm used to lots of don't know them well or just slightly on the friend side. I am not used to someone who mildly to extremely dislikes almost everyone she's met. LOL

  9. That's Tat. I think she's happier that way. :D

  10. LOL, Sammy's keeper is cracking me up. You guys are keeping me entertained.

  11. I can just see it. Poor Sammy finally goes to bed thinking, at least, maybe she won't come in here yelling at me and about time he gets to sleep "keeper" wakes him up and tells him it's time to go to work.

    I still can't figure out the secret Pib is keeping from us here. *sends ESP signals across the world* Nope, still not receiving anything.

    I'm waiting to hear you got your problem fixed so I can see the "kermit flail".

  12. Glad you are staying entertained Chrysame. I have my fingers crossed for you and Gwen. I actually feel slightly ill when my game has a serious glitch - I'd be having a panic if a save like Phillip went missing.

  13. This Sam is getting a lot more sleep than the one with seven toddlers got. That poor Sam was lucky if he got more than 2 hours straight in bed.

  14. Oh, and a big Kermit flail for Dee - It's HERE!!!

  15. I'm trying not to freak out. I'm going through and downloading store content. Some of it reloaded with my backup fine and some poofed.

    Yes, what is this secret young PiB is keeping with our Sammy? I keep trying to figure it out. When I know there's a mystery I can never solve it. If I have no idea then I can figure it out. Arrrgh!

  16. Thank you for the *kermit flail*. I'm feeling better already just knowing I don't have to go back for awhile. A bottle of B-12 has helped too.
    @ Chrysame, has Twallan updated everything to work with the new stuff?

    Maybe Sammy is going to lose it and do something to Tat. Or...Maybe he is going to realise he actually likes her and gets jealous. Maybe they will have Samtat babies.

  17. Dee's on vacation! Here comes trouble!

  18. Me and Sammy keeping secrets? Do you think we'd do that to the loyal readers of Sammy's blog?

  19. LOL at you Chrysame.

    @ PiB. Yes.

  20. Yep, all of Twallan's mods work with the new stuff.

    Hell yes, you and Sammy would and will keep secrets. Although, I think he should spill to get even with his keeper due to the sleep deprivation.

  21. Ha, you don't really want Sam to spill the secrets. Tension == fun. :)

  22. Tension doesn't always equal fun. I bet if Tat got rid of some of her "tension" she'd be a lot more fun. Just ask Sam!

  23. LOL Point taken. But did you really want Sammy to spill the beans early?

  24. Not really Pib, but it's fun teasing you. Love you PiB. :)

  25. No, it's like Dee says, "it's fun teasing you."

    *gives you dark chocolate truffles*

  26. Thought as much. :) And the secret won't stay a secret much longer. At most 2 posts.

  27. Quick comment: wtf, Tatianna, fixing the computer on your own?! You're insane.

    And so is your boyfriend, as we all know. So... Apparently all is well in Tat-land.

    Sam is shmexy in his PI uniform, for the record. ^^

  28. I think she'll need some handy skills to get promoted. But she obviously needs more work on them.

    Tat and Theo, insane together. :)

    Aww, you like Sammy as a PI? He seems to shmexy in almost any outfit.


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