Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 36 (Part 7)

I don't see much of the housemates. Tat and Theo have to leave early for work. By the time they get home, I'm off sleuthing my tail bone off. By the time I get home, they've gone to bed. Theo did leave out some waffles that he made before they left.

I was so pleased to have a ready breakfast, I did the dishes. I know, you are amazed by that thought.

Damn this stuck drawer, time to dress for detective work.

Come on.

Come on.

Ouch, my tail bone. How am I to sleuth today when I've already broken my tail bone?

Wait, not broken, just bruised. No typing reports today, I'm going to be doing everything I can standing up.

I headed off to the police station to look for another job when it suddenly struck me. Ollie and Wyatt weren't the first guys I heard about suddenly disappearing. Antonio was the first one, Tatianna's lost roommate.

So while I was at the station, I asked around about Antonio. He was one of their more promising young cops but he just stopped coming to work.

Did anyone report him missing? No, not a soul made a report.

Did they make any enquiries? They had sent a cop to his house but when he met Tatianna, he barely got in two words. He fled the scene without conducting an enquiry.

Wasn't his partner worried? Being a cop is a tough job and Antonio wouldn't be the first to just suddenly quit. No one at the station was particularly concerned about him and their assumption was he left town to leave Tatianna behind.

A wise man once said, "Once is happenstance, twice coincidence, three times is enemy action." There are three missing men from this town, and that doesn't seem much like a coincidence now.

Finding out about Antonio gave me something to think about. In the meantime, someone gave me a lead on the tattooed burglar case. They pointed out that maybe the town tattoo artist may know something. D'oh, I should have realised that myself. So I questioned him but he played dumb.

Actually, he probably is a bit on the dense side. Still he claimed to know nothing of interest about tattoos or burglars.

Time for a bit of honest investigator work. I looked around and finally found receipts for some temporary tattoos.

I went back and had a more intense chat with our tattoo artist about those receipts. With the evidence right there, he had to come clean and tell me about who he did the work for.

So I tracked down the thief to her lair. Actually, just her home on the expensive side of town.

She admitted her guilt and gave me the stuff to take back, as long as I kept her name out of the transaction. The client won't be happy about no name but they should be very happy about getting their items returned.

As I expected, the client was very relieved to have her possessions back. She did ask about the thief but I told her that she could have a name or her possessions. She choose the possessions.

I hear that things are still going well between Theo and Tat. Tat convinced him to give up his old girlfriend.

I wonder how much being insane helps this relationship along.

Apparently I'm not the only one having problems with a dresser today. Tat had exactly the same problem with the same result.

It would be nice to have some time to develop a bit of a relationship myself. Still, the job is interesting and there is plenty of time to find the perfect mate for me.


  1. OMG, Tat's a serial killer!!!!! She's a Black Widow!!! Run Sammy!!! Run for your life!!!

    It's either that or Sammy has a split personality.

    I loved this PiB. I love the stuck drawer, laughing at Sammy and his tail bone and still amazed about Sammy doing the dishes.

    You're still smexy Sammy.

  2. Maybe Theo and Tat are in on it together. Maybe it's someone we haven't seen yet. Maybe the guys are just on some male bonding camping trip!

    This has Science Facility written all over it. Those scientists are mad, I say, MAD!

    The dresser shots are priceless. And Tat's panties seem to be ringing. That always makes me laugh.

    Sammy looks so good with his new haircut and clothes. Smexy, indeed.

  3. Oh, I hadn't thought of that. Theo is so insane that it would be easy to convince him to do something to the other guys. Or maybe he is doing it all on his own so he can have Tat all to himself. Maybe he's a serial killer!!! Run Sammy run!!! Get out of that place while you can!

  4. *pponnndders* Hhmmmmm. I still stand by Tat doing something eeevvil. She's a maneater! Now, we just gotta see if Theo suddenly disappears, and then we'll know... ^^

    But, I do like the split personality idea. :-O HMmmmm!!! So much speculation, but not enough to form a solid hypothesis. I look forward to more hints. >:D

    Or, here's an even better idea: The dresser ate them. :-O Hahahaha. Kidding. ^^

  5. Morning everyone.

    LOL at Dee's comments. Dee votes for Run Sammy Run.

    I love the speculation in general. The votes are in, Tat is evil.

    We can eliminate the idea that the Dresser did it. And there are no butlers so the butler definitely didn't do it. :)

  6. Well, one of those three did it.
    Wait. Maybe it's the little old lady. :D

  7. Awww, poor Tat. Now, I want to make a Betty Crocker, sweet as sugar version of Tat. That sounds even scarier!

  8. Yeah Dee, must be the little old lady.

    Actually, since Antonio disappeared before Sammy arrived, I think you can eliminate Sammy as a suspect.

    Oh, Betty Crocker Tat...sounds weird and scary.

  9. Oh no, I just had visions of the old Leave it to Beaver show and his Mom as a serial killer.
    I'm telling you, she is manipulating Theo.

  10. Or Theo is obsessed with Tat and goes after anyone who looks at Tat sideways.'s something completely different!

  11. Ooooh, Tat as a serial killer? It could happen.

  12. I think the gnome did it.


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