Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 36 (Part 12)

When I last wrote, Susie and I were getting much better acquainted.

Much better acquainted indeed.

 Later Susie asked if I'd be hers forever. I said yes. She offered me a drink to celebrate.

When I next could think clearly, I was locked in her basement.

I found the missing men.

Antonio, Ollie, Christian, Wyatt and Jeb are all here. Unless I get incredibly lucky, I'll be joining them some time. As far as I can make out, once a baby is born, daddy hasn't much longer to live.

It's a comfortable prison. Nice furniture, plenty to do and company as well.
There are five children, one child from each of the men.

Anna is Antonio's daughter. She asked me why I didn't tell her I was the new daddy. If only I'd known what happens to new daddy, I would have only entered this house with police and Geralt.

Orson is Ollie's son.

Christopher is Christian's son.

Wendy is Wyatt's daughter and the baby

Jeremy is Jeb's son. The older ones go upstairs during the day or to school if it is school day. The toddlers and baby stay here.

I think Susie has come to count on her men taking care of the kids. She didn't ask me to but I find myself changing diapers and handing them bottles when I notice they need them. Poor little mites, how confusing it must be to keep getting new daddies on a regular basis.

There are two separate rooms down here. This is the kids room, with a lot of cradles and some beds for the older kids.

The room next to this is mine. A bed, a stereo, a fireplace, a treadmill. It would be cosy if it were for the depressing idea that I'm likely to die here.

When I first realised that I had been trapped, I shouted for a good five minutes. After that, I was getting hoarse and that all I'd managed to do was get the toddlers and baby screaming. I should have known it wouldn't work, I had no clue that there were 2 toddlers and a baby in this house. The basement is far enough below the main house to prevent noise from getting out.

Some nights, we also have the ghosts come out to visit.

I saw Christian first.

 Wyatt came out a different night.

 Orson chatted to his dad Ollie one night.

 A few days later and Jeb plus

Antonio were both on the prowl.

Anna and Orson decided to decorate the area around the urns. I would have thought it slightly bad taste but it is their dads in those urns. They have a right to decide how to decorate it.

Then came the fateful night when Susie told me she was expecting a baby. This is supposed to be joyous news; new life, my own baby. However, it puts a time limit on how much longer I can expect to survive.

 Anna and Orson have tried their hand at bake sales.

 It's not going to earn tons of money but they have both sold their wares to the neighbors.

 Me, I keep occupied with some of the items around here. When none of the kids need me, that is. I put them first.

[sigh] I hope the next new daddy does the same. I hate to think that my baby might be neglected.

 Christopher had his birthday recently. He's growing up to be quite the handsome chap.

I've tried everything I could think of to persuade Susie to let me out. From shouting at her to making out with her. Unfortunately, she seems to be insane, that I might not like being in a small box forever hasn't really registered.

 Anna had another birthday.

And so did Jeremy.

I'm feeling weak these days. It's been awhile since Susie brought any food down.  I can't exercise, I can't draw, I can't concentrate on anything.

Sarah Pierce. My daughter.


Note attached to Sam's last letter -

From Geralt of Riva

I am sorry that I arrived just a few hours too late to save Sam. No one had useful information in town. I examined the local swamps for monsters with no results.

In the end, to find the culprit, I had to follow ghosts home to their graves. It took a long time to find a ghost from this house, eventually I followed an electrocuted ghost here. By that time, Sammy was gone.

There had been a raging fire in his room, he managed to extinguish that.

 Then he collapsed of starvation and the Reaper came for him.

 By the time I arrived, Susie was chatting it up with the Grim Reaper.

She even flirted with him. Of course, she should know him well from the number of urns she's collected.

 After the reaper was gone, I took Susie away to the police. She tried her best to flirt with me, and she tried a drugged drink as well but neither was effective.

For the moment, I'm the guardian of the children. The city is trying to pressure the Science Lab into resurrecting the fathers. The lab has presented a bill of 600,000 to the city for the job of resurrecting the men. If this fails, Anna is the only one old enough to avoid child services. The rest will be taken away for adoption. I hope the city can come to some arrangement, I have other work to do.


Bonus album
And more pics at the bottom of this album


  1. Lot's of your guesses were getting close or hitting the mark. Dee was correct that there was a black widow in action, just not Titianna. Kaleeko was right, Susie did have a basement of guys - just in urns.

    Man, that was tough to do. There is no way I will ever do a black widow challenge, I really don't like killing Sims like this.

  2. Oh my, I've never done like this before.
    Poor Sam. Geralt of Riva was a bit late. He had important role in this story.
    It is great mystery story and The kids look lovely.

  3. I was so hoping Sam would figure a way out of there. Those are going to be some seriously messed up kids.

    Seeing the urns on the table like that was very creepy.

  4. I can't stop thinking about this! I checked out your photo album. There's a great pic of Susie and Sam cuddling on the couch and Susie has a thought bubble of poor dead Jeb. Susie is smiling...

  5. Darn it, PiB! I keep rereading this. Just blown away that Sammy died. Darn you, Susie Pierce!!

  6. Moring MJ and Chrysame. This was the murder and mayhem story I had in mind that long time ago when I did a poll.

    The urn thing was very creepy really. Especially for Sam who would end up in the collection - shudder.

    Susie didn't like when the guys died, but she was perfectly willing to start on the next one while mourning the last.

  7. And thanks to everyone whose Sim was one of the victims in the plot. Double so for Chrysame who also had a Sim be the villain. She was a good villain, so sweet and innocent in looks.

  8. Villainous Susie! Heh. I enjoyed it very much, Pib.

  9. Glad you enjoyed it, Chrysame.

    I did apologise to the ghost of Ollie who was a bit too dead to go to work - not being absent minded at all.

    The first three, Antonio, Ollie and Christian were dead before Sam even was in the neighbourhood. Wyatt had just moved in with Susie when Sam entered the game.

    It's tricky telling a black widow story from the perspective of someone else. I had to be careful not to give away too much, but Sammy didn't know much to tell.

  10. Holy crap! I'm still trying to pick my chin up off the floor.
    I really had started to believe the womens of the nights had all the guys locked up in a basement somewhere. Then I started to worry about Sammy when he fell so hard for Susie. She just seemed too perfect. I still didn't expect them to all be dead. I still expected them to all be prisoners somewhere being used for making babies.
    It looks like she killed them about every way there is to be killed in this game.

  11. Susie had Twallan's help for some of those deaths. It's hard to drown them even when you've fatigued them first without building a fence. It takes 3 long days to starve one. Arranging death by electrocution is very tricky.

    Jeb really did die by fire.
    Sammy really did starve.

    The rest died a bit more assisted.

  12. It had to be really hard to watch the slow death of Sammy.

  13. Sammy missed out on about 10 hours of starvation cause I couldn't take any more. He wasn't grumbling that often but it was very sad when he did.

  14. I'm glad to hear that. I was wondering how you managed to stand it.

  15. Aaaaahahahahaha!! Okay. I'm sorry, I found this incredibly funny. ^^ "When I next could think clearly, I was locked in her basement." *snort* Oh Sam, did you honestly think that the murderer wasn't going to come after *you* next? Hahahahaha. ;D Oh poor Sam.

    Poor kids, too. Were they locked in the basement, too, or something? Or just allowed to roam freely? Oh, poor Sam... Should've got one of them to make a phone call for you! ;D

    Seeing Jeb's ghost made me giggle. Don't ask me why. I think I'm having a giddy morning or something.

    Great end, PiB. ^^ I had my guesses about Susie, but never realized she would be stealing men to have babies with them! How strange. I love it.

  16. If you do a Black Widow challenge, you get extra points for each child with a different daddy

    Sam was in love, of course he doesn't think clearly.

    I was happy that I got pics of all the ghosts. Including Jeb.

  17. The Gnome told her to do it. It's not her fault!!!

  18. LOL - stubborn Rae. This Susie must have been a bit insane but it wasn't the gnome.

    Can you imagine facing a table of urns and realising that will be your fate? Very gruesome.

    Glad you found this clone entertaining.


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