Monday, September 13, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 36 (part 5)

I think the little gnome I rescued is jumping for joy at not being kicked over every night. I hope Tatianna is in a better mood then usual or the little guy might be in for a big shock.

Bought myself some wheels, I'm sick of using taxis all the time. The traditional vehicle of choice for a PI is the old clunky car but this wasn't too much more than an old junker. And it will be cheaper to run.

Met a nice girl today, named Ripley. She's very cute and gave me her number.

But a man's gotta do what a man has got to do. Hold stakeouts.

And solve cases. Though Gala Ball's wasn't much of a case. She wanted to find out if Silver Racket was available for some romance.

I had to find three locals to chat to. None of them knew much about Silver. Except there are a lot of rumours about Silver being one of the town bikes.

So I reported back that Silver already had some interests in town. It's safer that way. Gala might be able to move on to someone better.

Another day, another stakeout. Didn't learn anything I could report to the police. Plenty of teenage hormones flooding the air around here but that's not actually illegal. Not yet anyway.

Tatianna is still interested in Theo.

I've learned that Theo is brave and insane. That explains a lot about that relationship. He spent the night in her bed. Fortunately my room isn't close enough to her to know more than that.


  1. Oh Theo, you go man. Maybe you can tame Tat.

    Oooh, Sammy and Ripley. Yeah, baby. ;)

    Poor little gnome. Be brave little one and stay out of Tat's way. I hope Theo keeps her happy so she won't be kicking it.
    Sammy likes to kick flamingos. Maybe he won't kick you.

  2. Tat seems very taken with Theo. Good thing Sammy's bedroom isn't too close to Tat's or he'd have to invest in earplugs.

    Good girl, Ripley. Flirt away with the handsome man with the way cool bike.

    Travis and Jade can't stay apart in any game. And they don't even notice the man in the hat holding up the bushes right next to them. Ahhh, oblivious teens.

  3. Hey Dee, I'm glad Theo is brave - takes courage to hang out with Tat.

    We'll see about Sammy and Ripley. :)

    Sammy is far too busy to kick gnomes at the moment.

  4. Hi Chrysame - it's a good house to share because there are two bedrooms with double beds - with a courtyard between them. :)

    Ripley certainly did flirt with Sammy while she had the chance.

    Umm, Travis and Jade may have had a not gentle shove... LOL

  5. LMAO at the not gentle shove.

  6. Theo can handle her. If not, she'll handle him. :)
    A "not gentle shove" can be a good thing sometimes.
    I wanted to say something about them earlier but couldn't remember if that was Jade or Emerald. I should have known. I believe Emerald has much shorter hair.

  7. Ah Twallan and setting relationships - not at all gentle.

    As for Theo, I hope she doesn't do him much permanent damage. :)

  8. Awww, he'll be okay as long as he doesn't cheat on her. :D If he does he might lose some parts or get his arse whipped.

  9. Poor Theo has a girlfriend that he was involved with before Tat. Dare he go back?

  10. No, no, no! That would be the biggest mistake of his, what would end up being, short life. :D

  11. Very short and suddenly quite quite painful life. :) Hopefully, he is not *that* insane.

  12. Let's hope not. If he's that insane then he deserves what he gets.
    Dalton just spent over 6 hours finding two ghosts at Jon Lessens house. One was outside the garage and one was in that little house the other ghost lives in.

  13. Can't get enough of those gnomes and stakeouts. Finally, someone could tame Tat or the contrary. But, no wonder.. he is brave and insane.

    Was that Jade and Travis? Were they a teenage couple?

  14. Thanks for stopping by MJ.

    The gnomes are cute little guys, this one moved again but he's still in the air.

    Theo and Tat, such an interesting combo...

    Yes, that is Jade and Travis. I saw the 2 of them in the park and kind of nudged them a bit. With a large stick called MasterController.

  15. The world is coming to an end. I have no updates for tonight! Oh Noessss

  16. Is okay! I'm very curious as to how Tat and Theo are getting along.

  17. Another quickie:
    Okay, seeing Jade and Travis together made me sniffle a bit. So sweet. I don't care if it was intervension, the fact that they're sweet on each other makes me happy! Parallel universes for the win.

    Also, nice motorbike. Bwahaha. ^^

  18. :) I'm glad that Travis and Jade made you happy. I love the Parallel Universe effect. It's always interesting to see your guys doing their thing somewhere else. Like all those parallel Thomas clones, with wives and children. I <3 <3 seeing that.

    Sammy loves motorbikes.

  19. Yeah, the parallel universe effect is awesome! Mmm, I hope you get a good chuckle about my particularly multiverse Thomas. I believe he'll be appearing again in the story shortly. ;)

  20. Speaking of parallels, I just read something that makes me want to go home and be kind to Brad married to Em with three children in the World Adventures game. Proper comments on that when I have proper time.

  21. I read this 3 times and read unfortunately every time.

    Fortunately my room isn't close enough to her to know more than that.


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