Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 36 (Part 9)

Tatianna and Theo are such a fascinating pair. One minute, she's insulting his family. The next he's asking her some off the wall question about fishing. I think insanity helps him a lot.


So Mum, the only clues I've had so far about the missing men is that Anna-Liza thought Wyatt might have run off with a younger girl. Also Meredith Kane thought she heard a woman's voice talking to Jeb before he left.

Not much to go on.

So after a good nights's sleep, I decided that I have two main classes of suspects in town. The women who are known to be 'available' for a price and the ones who moved into town more recently.

A few of them are in both classes. I have, with reluctance, decided to leave Tatianna out of the picture. If she were taking out guys, I don't think I'd still be writing you.

I started by chatting to Kat Hunter. She claims to be retired now, she's still well up on who's who in this town. She gave me a list of the working girls in town and I noticed that her name is still on the list.

"For a looker like you, of course I'm available. Any time sweety."

Later I found Kat and Jenni Jones-Goode chatting away outside of the town cemetery. Jenni is one of our town tarts. She's also married to Godwin Jones-Good. I never thought of a cemetery as much of a social venue, why chat here? Private?

Milly Pigeon is another person on the list, as a town bike. She does seem to have one young stud in tow these days, her husband Jayson, it's very unlikely that she'd have several more guys at her beck and call.

Sue Perfessor-Hill is another town bike. She's married, to a dude called Clover. They live out in one of the swampier areas of town, very quiet out there.

Another female on my list is Gala Ball, once married and is one of the town bikes. She lives alone in this rather rundown place.

I had a chat with Gala. It's difficult to come up with ways to ask if they've been the cause of the vanishing men using a subtle approach. I told you before, I'm brawn, not brains. Much as I'd like to there is no way I can go around trying to force the truth from the guilty party since there are so many innocent ones around.

Well, that was the list from Milly with names of the long term residents known to be available for a price. Now to go find the women who are relatively new to town.

What an odd household. I found that Marta Tomasi and Ripley Warren are living with Anna-Liza Riddle-Jacobson and her second husband.

Marta is a bright lady. I've heard she has sticky fingers and a job over in the Warehouse.

She and Ripley have a most striking resemblance, like family. They swear they aren't related.

Ripley Warren - our local ghost hunter. I've heard nothing bad about Ripley except that she has a temper and a sweet right hook to go with it.

Macy Lee is married with kids. That's not enough to stop her from being one of the town tarts. She does have a respectable job in Science and apparently her husband has no complaints about her activities.

Susie Pierce lives a quiet life in a normal residential street and is one of the town bikes. A neighbor thinks there is a child in the house from her marriage. It's common for guys to get tired of marriage to the town bike.

I finally tracked down Star Matlock, another of our town tarts. Her house is another one of those remote ones in the swamp.

Wait, that address. That's the address that the Science Facility gave me for Ollie.

Star Matlock came out for a chat. I asked about Ollie, she said he had left long before she moved in.

Do I believe that?

Carolina North another town tart and another female who lives in the swampy area of town. She's been divorced once, currently dating about half the men in town. She's also one of the members of the Warehouse Gang.

She's also not subtle. She's been seen asking a guy if he's married when his wife and kids are right there.

Christi Clayton, not a soul has anything bad to say about Christi. She's a city council member with a boyfriend. Just one of the newer town residents.


  1. That took *forever* to write up. So many suspects. So many details. So many red herrings to put out.

    Have fun with the clues and the herrings.

  2. I know, I know! Several of the town tarts have gotten together and are holding those guys somewhere so they will have woohoo anytime they want to without having to go out on the town. :D

    Lots of known sims here.I like what you did with all of them.

    Hmmm, maybe it's Carolina. I know she's evil. She has them all locked up somewhere. ;)

    No. Wait. It's Macy and several others. It's Stepford Wives only they will call this one Stepford Husbands. :D Once they have been transformed into the perfect men, they will be released upon the town so all the women will be happy and the men will be at their beck and call. :)

  3. :) Your theories get more interesting with every post.

    Tis my job to know, Sammy's job to find out and your job to beat Sammy.

  4. I'm trying to beat Sammy but fear he is going to beat me.

    I'm sticking with the Stepford Husbands....for now. There are so many tarts and bikes in that town who lose their husbands because their husbands just don't want to share them. They turn them all into robots and they can have their cake and eat it too. ;)

  5. No theory from this corner. I'll wait until the big reveal. It was nice seeing so many familiar faces.

    Macy has a round little face, doesn't she? It's very obvious with that hairstyle.

    I really have no idea whodunnit!

  6. "I have, with reluctance, decided to leave Tatianna out of the picture. If she were taking out guys, I don't think I'd still be writing you."

    You never know!!!! ... ;D D'oh. Well, at least that writes off my suspicions (for now).

    Hmm. Lots of suspects, none with any real solid connections to all of them. Just some with connections to one of the boys... And that doesn't help much. Hrm!

    I'm with Chrysame. I haven't a clue, at this point. ;D

  7. I bought popcorn so we can sit back and watch what happens, Kaleeko. You provide the drinks.

  8. Morning everyone. Plenty of suspects and red herrings for all.

    I had lots of fun giving most of the suspects makeovers just before grabbing their pics. Much store content and serious style changes.

    I just realized that technically, Meredith Kane should be on the list of relative newcomers/suspects but she got left out since no one has seen Jeb lately.

    Sammy is pretty stymied as to the true culprit as well.

  9. Wow, I wonder who did it? *dun dun duuun*

  10. The Gnome did it and he's using it to bribe all the RH's to come and make him a real man using one of their bodies so he can woohoo them whenever he wants.


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