Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 36 (Part 11)

Carolina North is meeting Clark Peddlar in a swamp? Why?

It's secluded, not terribly well used. Hmmm.

I found out that they've been making eyes at each other too.

Well, if Clark goes missing, I'll know who to talk to first. Or have Geralt talk to, he's not susceptible to a pretty face. Or perhaps they are plotting? I didn't manage to get close enough to overhear.

I met up with Susie Pierce the other night. She may be another of our professional girls but damn she's pretty.

I think she likes me too. Not just as a potential customer, the subject of money never once entered the picture. She is so charming, lovely voice, lovely eyes.

We finally made it into the Red Rendezvous and found most of the Kane family there. I still don't have an answer for Meredith so I didn't try to talk to her. Her son Brad and daughter Amelia were there.

Hmm, I also found out that Star Matlock is chatting up Benjamin Lee.

Very interesting, Ben is another male who got to town around the time that the missing ones did.

Star lives in what was once Ollie's house.

Should we be watching Star more closely? Should someone mention to Ben that chatting up girls isn't a good idea until this is solved? Ben won't be the first cop to go missing.

Right on, I scored a kiss. The best feeling in the world.

Or maybe this is. I might just melt into the floor. She's very good at this.

Susie asked me back to her place to spend the night. I accepted, of course.

Her daughter Anna asked if I was just an uncle or a new daddy.

Susie explained that she referred to clients as uncles so Anna could relate to them a little better. And certainly that would sound better at school then talking about the strangers Mom brings home.

I found that Star and Ben meet during the day as well as at night.

Ben certainly seems to hang on Star's every word. I should make sure he's warned about the missing guys.


  1. Clark and Ben best be careful there.

    Poor little Anna. Uncle or Daddy?

    Wow, you have Ben dressed very snazzy there.

    Oh wait! Susie Pierce? Careful there Sammy. You're warning the other guys but are you being careful?

  2. Glad you like Ben's clothes and thank you for the gift that means he can wear his original shirt from time to time.

    Yes, all the guys should be careful but will they be?

  3. LOL, are guys every really careful? We all know where they keep their brains. :D

    You're welcome but use it on anyone you want to. You don't have to use it for Ben.

  4. You know that the answer is, where there is a pretty face and a bit of flirting, the guy is not going to be nearly careful enough. LOL

  5. That is so true. Now I'm a tad bit worried about Sammy and Ben. Not too worried about Clark Peddler. Never really cared for him anyway. :)

  6. Dee took the words right out of my mouth. Be careful, Sammy. And how sad I feel for Suzie daughter. :(

    Ben sure seems to like Star. Hmmm, maybe it's a conspiracy and all the "ladies" are the culprits!

  7. I'll let Sammy know his fans are concerned for his welfare.

    And Ben as well.

  8. If you can get his attention. It seems he's a little preoccupied. :D

  9. Please do. While you are at it you can tell Clark no one worries about him. :)

  10. I can see it now.
    PiB: Sammy. Sammy! Sammy!!!
    Sammy: Huh? What? Go away. I'm busy.

  11. That seems a little polite for our Sammy. I imagine him just slamming the door in PiB's face...with one foot as his hands will be too busy. :P

  12. LOL, and yelling "get the hell out of here!"

  13. LOL you guys are funny.

    Sammy better not be too rude to his mum.

  14. He won't care if you're his mum or not if you start interrupting him while he's with his new honey. :)

  15. Hmmmm.... Eeeeenteresting. Looks like he's keeping an eye on the girls, but, hopefully his eyes aren't looking so deep at Susie Pierce he might be missing something important... Who knows, maybe these "uncles" aren't only clients, but also men she's keeping locked up under the stairs! :-O ... Okay, I can dream.

    Carolina seems a bit obvious, I'm gonna mark her as a red herring, for now. Not sure what to think of Star.

    Well, I suppose I'll do more deducting once another man actually goes missing. Unfortunately, still not a lot of connections going on, as far as I can tell... Maybe I need to reread the whole thing and see if there's something I missed.

  16. He is in love! Susie is beautiful. I'm still curious about those missing man :) Looking forward to your next update.

  17. Ben is the Gnome reincarnated and he's telling Star how he tried to use all the other men, but every time he took over their bodies they melted. Poof!!!

  18. Ben is Ben - and the bodies will be found soon. :)


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