Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 36 (part 3)

No rest for the wicked, Mum. Actually, I haven't been wicked, not yet at any rate. So I guess there is no rest for the Sammy either.

I'm working on this stakeout thing but I don't seem to have the knack yet. This time, plenty of people but none of them are close enough for me to hear.  Well at least they haven't spotted me yet.

The Kane boys are actually chatting. Maybe Travis has stopped teasing his little brother.

Tried to chat to Maggie Net-Lessen but all she could talk about was her current husband Mick and her former boyfriend Ollie. Apparently Ollie just rang one night, said it was over and she hasn't seen him since.

Note to self, be brave and break up in person. Break up by phone is a cowardly way to do it.

Guess who came for a midnight visit? Nope, not the toothfairy.

We had a burglar. I slept through all of it but Tatianna got up and rang the police.

The cop caught our burglar and we got our shower back.

The only thing the thief was after was a shower? Weird.

Tatianna is still after me to keep the place clean.

But I don't see anything wrong here.

Eventually I hacked into a computer for Marigold and delivered the news to her. She was very happy to hear it too.

Guess what? City Hall gave me a trophy for my work in the city. Although I'm not particularly proud of those first three cases; a chat room, mouthwash and a hacked computer.


  1. Hey!!! Excited!!! You posted before I leave. I always seem to be leaving.
    Love the update. Especially the pic where Sammy doesn't see anything wrong with the mess. :D
    Shame on Ollie for dumping her over the phone but that gave Mick a chance. :)

  2. At least Ollie didn't text her. I'll have a chat with him about proper breaking up protocol, not that he'll remember.

    Sammy, that mess is pretty epic. I think Tat must be a good roommate to only keep after you about it. Yikes.

  3. I dunno, Sammy better have plans to clean up a little bit in the future, who knows what sort of tortures Tatianna has devised behind his back...

    lol, the beginning cases are always pretty silly. Well. All the cases are silly, actually. They're just /more/ silly, especially with how much they pay you.

    Bad Ollie for breaking up on the phone! That's very unlike him... Or... /is it/. Dun dun duuuuun. (I need to start working on today's post, *lesigh* *collapse* *snore*.)

  4. Loans Chrysame the official poking stick.

    Morning everyone, finally up now that you've all disappeared. :)

    Poor Sam, as a slob, he really does have a hard time working out what bothers people about filthy rooms. But he is trying so they are arranging for a maid now.

    Yep bad Ollie for not manning up and going around in person. But it didn't take Maggie long to replace him.

  5. Morning PiB! ;D I somehow managed to stay awake. No poking needed. For now. ;)

    Slob Sims are too funny. I have to say the funniest thing about them is the farting... Especially because it gives everyone in the room a 'disgusted' moodlet. I only noticed that about a month ago, now every time I see it I laugh with glee.

    At least they're getting a maid. ;) I'm sure even Tat would be willing to fork over the money to ensure their house is livable every day. (Like she'd do it herself, pfft!)

  6. *laugh* I'll be sure to pass the stick back when I'm finished, PiB

  7. Given what I've done with Sammy, slob is possibly one of the most useful traits for him. He can have two meals for the price of one by licking a plate clean. He never has to clean a house - or empty a potty. It saves him time and grief.

    Farting was sillier in Sims 2 - a green cloud that really was obvious. Still funny but not quite as silly now.

  8. I think the hardest part about writing a Sammy story with a plot is trying not to give away where the story is going. From the comments, so far so good.

  9. Will the stick help with uncontrollable burping? It's getting very very tiresome right now.

  10. apparently I'm missing something. I have no idea where this story is going.

    Chrysame, are you having a problem with burping yourself or with a sim. If it's yourself I want to ask you a question.

  11. IT's actually uncontrollable hiccupping. I can't stop.

  12. How long?

    If it was burping I was going to ask you what medication you are on because of something that happened to me years ago when a doctor had me taking about three types of meds at the same time.

  13. Fifteen minutes but I killed if for now. Jeez.

    Deee! One more and then vacation!

  14. Oh yeahhhhh. Tomorrow is going to be the longest Friday I have endured since the Friday before my last vacation. Maybe then I will be able to pull myself out of the slump. I know I haven't been very into things lately and want to apologize to everyone about not really having much to say about your blogs.
    The blogs are all great but I suck right now.
    I'll get better soon and back into the swing of things.

  15. Yeah Dee, nearly to her vacation! Hurray.

    Sometimes I'm too grumpy to respond well to posts. I think it happens to all of us. :)

  16. Glad you understand PiB. I'll be a lot better in a day or two. A bubble bath, a candle, a good book and a good stiff drink will cheer me right up. Along with a week off of course.

  17. I know I have to put off commenting sometimes, too. ^^ It's no biggy, Dee.

    Bubble bath sounds marvelous right now. And did someone say chocolate? Someone should have. Mmmm.

  18. Gotta have that chocolate.

  19. Chocolate == :D :D :D

    No chocolate == :( :( :(

    You pick!

    I'm tempted to start a group chat but I think I'm the only one who ever starts them...

  20. I have a few more minutes.
    Chocolate, yes.

  21. How can you not love Sammy's slob trait. Lol.

  22. Indeed. Slob is probably the most convenient trait that Sam as a series of clones has.


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